Sunday, March 29, 2009

Registering at Target

My mom and I decided to hit the stores and explore the world of baby girl clothes! We covered a lot of stores in a two day period and felt we were in trouble immediately. We fell in love with almost everything! I couldn't get over how small all the newborn clothes are and how in the world will she be able to wear these "doll clothes." My mom assured me, even if she can't wear them, we still have to buy them:)

After we picked up a few dresses and bloomers, which seem to be my obsession, we headed to Target to get a registry going. We found out quickly neither of us really knew what we were doing but we found a lot of cute clothes! So I picked a few things and decided to rely on my new master mommies to guide my registry at a much more ideal place! UM, Babies R Us ring a bell? We had a blast and will always remember the first time my mom and I got to shop for our little girl!

My friend Jackie and I are planning to go and register at Babies R Us this coming weekend. She is due a few weeks after me, with her second, and I'm sure she will guide me in the right direction!
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  1. You look precious!!! LOVE the pictures and all the perfect little clothes!


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