Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Name "Game" and Potty Training Diva

The Name Game
I must tell you, it is absolutely adorable to hear your almost 2 year old say your name...
and you not even recognize it!
AND when she recognizes her own name in public and it was meant for a differnt Harper!

Harper has been quite sick over the last couple of days with a respiratory infection. On Sunday, fever set in and Monday sent us to the doctor. Afterward, seeing that Harper was in a good mood and she could not return to school until 24 hour fever free....we went to the mall to return a couple of items lingering in Mommy's car. I was without stroller and I vow to "never" go to the mall without wheels for the wee little legs. Well, as luck would have it, we had a borrowed wagon hanging out in our van and what better head start to see it it will fare well with Harp. It DID and she was totally psyched to cruise the mall.

As we were walking around and I'm on the phone with Daddy updating him on the doctor visit, I hear a voice getting louder and louder and I stopped in my tracks....
"Jess ka, Dess ka, Jess ka"

Really, it was hysterical. I said to "Bob", she is saying my name over and over.
AND, as I turn around to see her, she gives me this "Umm, I'm making a joke..right?" look.
And finished her thought with a slow corrected version of my (real) name, "Mommy."

Then, we were in a children's store and a lady says "Harper" to her daughter but loud enough for several people around her to hear. Clearly my Harper heard her and says,
I thought I was going to lose it right in the middle of Pottery Barn Kids. Not just for the fact she said that but the way she said it.
Imagine a 15 year old replying to you during the middle of his video game in his deep but young voice, quasi like that but obviously much sweeter and cuter.
I really don't know about her, she cracks me up!

It became a little game yesterday as she did it on the way home watching me in the mirror as she usually does. To see all those teeth grinning after a well planned mini joke of hers,

Potty Training

Let me just tell you, Harper is here to potty train and she is taking no prisoners.
(is that the right expression?)
She started this business about 2 weeks ago and last week completed almost an entire week of Pee and Poo in the potty daily!

I'm sure this isn't the most exciting news for most of you but I feel compelled to share due to the fact I by no means was in anyway "ready" for this. I was all set with being a tiny bit lazy for a little while longer. Oh! What was I thinking! Lazy is not on Harper's resume and how foolish of me to overlook her qualifications. As I assumed it was her strong will and strong sense of wanting to be independant...umm NO! It's all about the stickers!!!
Stickers!!! You mean, all the kids are going potty all day because it's a competition over STICKERS! ughh...fancy daycares and their fancy ways of getting kids to learn...
really.....don't the parents get a say when we feel like we have the energy to keep up with the standards "they" are setting;0)

Some of you may feel I am one of those Moms thats hoping her baby stays a baby forever. Well, May....be that is the case. It really doesn't matter though, Harper Elle is running this show.....I just work here:)

Until next milestone moments.........

Friday, July 8, 2011

This sweet shot

Angela (my adorable sweet pseudo sister neighbor) had been out one morning to capture the "money" shot of Henry for his big debut in the Gerber Baby Photo Contest. On her way back, I caught her strolling in front of my house as I was putting my dry cleaning out on the porch. Of course Harper Elle had to run out and see Baby Henry and after a few minutes I had to scoop her up to head to school..
Now who would have thought that a brief moment of time would produce such an amazing memory!

Angela's eye is really amazing and I can't thank her enough for sending me this pic. I just can't wait to see pics of these two little tykes once Henry (10 months)is a bit older and mobile. Of course I shouldn't say that out loud around Ang......you never should wish anytime away. And I don't, but she and I do talk about the future and how fun it is really going to get!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

You have to love the 4th.
Hot Temperatures, Delicious Food, and Fireworks!
We had a house full of people and we made out with only pictures of Miss Harper Elle and the cutest kids you've ever seen. Imagine that.

Mom (Nana) Dad (Poppie)
Tish Brent Emma
Angela Will Baby Henry
Ryan Jackie Will Ethan

See.. I told you! So many people with such great food and again...no pics!

The food was amazing

John Dalys
BYOB Build Your Own Burgers
Potato Salad (4th generation from Tish's Great Grandmother)
Parsley Slaw (Angela is totally obligated to share the recipe)
Panzanella (my favorite that is a BBQ must have)
Strawberry Poppyseed Salad
Red's Potatoes (my Dad has made these ever since I can remember)
Grilled Vegetables

Apple and Peach Pie
and My second attempt at Homemade Ice Cream...
it did turn out ok but our freezer in the garage went out sometime during the party and the ice cream became ICE MILK

......so we had Milkshakes with raspberry/strawberry glaze

Harper is totally into scaring people these days


Baby Henry is mobile!
(he is our sweet baby boy neighbor)

Will, Ethan, and Harper on the couch getting cozy after Dinner.

Harper and Ethan are 2 weeks apart. Inside the womb, they would hang out on Sundays at Hypnobabies Class. We all took this class to try and achieve natural childbirth. Jackie was successful after a few hours...Jessica tried her best but not in the cards after 24!:-)
Jackie and Ryan Harry are good friends of ours and we are thrilled that they have moved back to Nashville. Since we usually host something for July 4th, we reunited this year to continue our annual celebration. Fireworks and all!

Do I need to say anything?

Daddy put a great show on for Harper. I think it is his favorite holiday and looks like Harper may become a little pyromaniac herself.
We had a few sparklers at the house and then we walked down the street to let off the "mini kid" show. It was so cool to see Harper totally get into this.
Ethan and Will we not feeling them at all! Will shouts out to Bob, "We are done Bob," right after we started. It was hilarious and the poor little guy says after that, "I am just tired and cranky Mom."

I taught Harper to clap after fireworks if she really liked it. Each time her claps were a bit harder and longer.
Bright eyed after the show she says to me...
"Fickalers!, Harper loved the fickalers!"
(Sparklers/Fireworks I'm guessing...how could you not know Harper language right!)

I told Harper to tell me where the H is......

This sweetie nevers misses.... I think it was the first letter she learned.

Big Girl Bath

Harper's first big girl bath. I was cleaning up in the kitchen when Bob called out, " Jess, bring your camea."

I walked into the bathroom and saw this adorable face surrounded in bubbles!!!

It was really a wonderful weekend and I feel so lucky to have such great friends and family but most of all to have such an amazing daughter!

Tennessee Aquarium


It was a huge hit! As you will see by the gazillion photos in my post.

We drove down to Chattanooga on Saturday morning and spent the whole day at the Aquarium. It was so worth it, this place is amazing!

Stingray Bay
Two fingers in the tank only, of course Harper's whole arm went in and still didn't get to touch them. They are so slimy, it was a little squeemy. Knowing her, she would have liked it.

Harper, Daddy, and I have been anticipating seeing the penguins since we decided we would go! Pingins Pingins is what Harper has asked over and over.
Well, she fell in love with them and after seeing them in the beginning of the day, she continued to ask about them all day.
After touring the Ocean Journey, Nana picked up a stuffed Penguin for Harper.... quickly becoming a new favorite!
Pingy is his name.

Ocean Journey

Lunch and Ice Cream
We stopped for a midday bread for Lunch and Ice Cream. A local store that was up hill, over a few blocks, around the corner. It was so worth it. Up on Bluff View is one of the best little spots in Chattanooga. A gorgeous bridge, amazing views, and delicious ice cream.

Harper did not want to get off the bridge....
but Pingy was there to rescue the meltdown!

River Journey

We certainly enjoyed the entire day and will definitely be returning. We actually missed a few exhibits and the ultimate....the water pockets outside that kids can jump in and out of! How we avoided them we are not sure!

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