Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vacation Seagrove Beach

We are back from vacation and already want to return. We went to Seagrove Beach Florida July 4th week and had a very memorable first family vacation. My parents and my family headed out about 3 AM on July 4th and arrived at the beach right in time for Lunch! We came back the following Sunday July 11th. Smooth sailing on the way down (the plan of leaving at 3 AM worked), Harper Elle cried most of the way home (the plan of leaving at 8 AM didn't).

Our vacation was so packed with beach time, eating, biking, eating, yoga, eating, golf, eating, napping, eating, yolo boarding, shopping and yes you guessed it...eating. I'm pretty sure I gained 5 pounds but having a croissant at Modica Market most mornings was totally worth it:) The market is famous from the movie The Cable Guy with Jim Carrey. Discovering this gourmet haven was of course one of my highlights. Bob's was definitely golfing and Harper Elle, well I'm guess all the water time. She absolutely adores the water. I went ahead and starting birthday shopping for our girl that will be 1 year old next month.... the shopping helps me focus versus crying that the time is flyyyyying by!

I adored this laid back location of Florida, there was so much to do and all the while SO family friendly. I know we will return and I only hope with more and more friends and family.
YOLO: Loved it! www.yoloboard.com
Harper Elle in her little bike wagon. She completely fit right in at the beach, loved the biking, sand, water, and sun! She slept well at night and up bright and early. The whole fam loved being with her including my sis, brother in law, and nephews.
I hope you enjoy the photos, they depict the story a little better than my belated rendition.

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