Thursday, October 20, 2011

Birthday Treats and Farmer's Market Finds

As I sit here tonight in 50 degree weather and cozy up with my computer, I can't believe Summer has come to an end. It has been awhile since I feel I can just sit, at night after the bambino is tucked away, and just blog!
I had not posted these shots and actually almost forgot about the end of Summer.
My birthday is always a great time of year for me for 2 reasons, it's my birthday of course AND Fall is right around the corner.

Well Fall is here and my birthday (August 31) and Harper's birthday (August 16) is well over and so is the Farmer's Market:( but the few pics will wrap it us for us!

On my birthday, I was spoiled with cupcakes, kisses, and the most delicious wine. Harper and I decided to goof off with the camera, well I did and roped her in, and she displayed her new smile pose, big eyes, and big cheese!

Gigi's Cupcakes, ummmmmmmm
Smores, Peanut Butter Goodness, Wedding Cake, Banana Pudding
My Honey knew what he was doing:)

Harper had a very special treat for her birthday. Our friends, Taneia and Mark, traveled to Paris and brought Harpie a little something special. It was a huge hit and she joined the collection of Harper's clan immediately. Thanks to them and spoiling our sweet girl.
She refers to them as Mommy's friend Taneia and Daddy's friend Mark when she talks about them.

Meet Miss Mary Mac. Her names for her clan now consist of:
Baby Lindsay
Baby Abbey
Mary Mac

As we were walking into our last trip to the Farmer's Market, Harper looks at me with excitement and says "I get Milk and you get Coffee?".
Hilarious really.
She is now associating things and that was one of her first. It was quite sweet actually and I adore it was so much fun for us.
Harper picked out a bag full and lined it all up as soon as we got home. And of course, washed them all.

Harper's Garden

My planter of tomato plants became Harper's Garden this year. She has learned to harvest in style. ONLY THE RED ONES, is the only rule we gave her and she tried her hardest to abide.
In the afternoon after school, mornings on the way to school, or walking Moss out on the patio....Harper insisted on "Toe may toes."
Sweet Millions is what I planted this year and oh oh I will have them again next year!

We found a little something for her at our Yankees outing and I think it fits perfect.
I adore my little tom boy girly girl, she keeps it real for her Dad and I.
Thank goodness.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

More from August and New York

Amazing seats and great weather, this was an unbelievable game!

Ever since I met Bob, 11 years ago, I have always imagined going to a game. This was my first Major League game and now I've gone and spoiled myself.

So our last leg of the trip ended with an 18 hour rental car ride home from New York to Nashville!! The hurricane coming to the East Coast got there right in time to cancel our flight home, so we took to the road. Yes, you read that right. But hanging with Harper was pretty fun, it was really cute to see her snuggle in with us in a hotel room. She didn't know quite what to think but we made the most of it.

As we stopped for a bit of fuel, we saw this road sign.
How ironic.

Cincinnati's best. I flipped when I saw the road sign and it was so good. Growing up, we would go to this Amusement Park called Kings Island and we would often get Skyline Chili.
To Old Memories and Making New Ones!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yankees in August

I know this post is way over due and there is so much more to the story, but that is pretty much how my world is these days! This trip was made in August to celebrate Bob's Dad's 60th Birthday. Good birthday gift right?!!!

Being in this stadium was breathtaking. Maybe because of the actual physical ability to move myselft around to so many places to get there or how amazing it really is. I am going with the 2nd! Bob, Harp and I made the trip to New York to visit the in-laws and celebrate many birthdays...(it goes Bob's Dad, Harper, Bob's Mom, and me:)... YEAH, Christmas in August right! I coupled the trip with a work meeting and therefore I was on trains, planes, and automobiles the majority of the trip. After all that, I lost my IPod with videos and half my pictures (oh probably 150 or so) and here I am writing this blog entry entirely too late. Life goes on and so did my attitude about the lost material.

Here is what I have and I would recommend anyone to go. This stadium is like what Rupp Arena is to basketball...The Mecca!

P.S. We attended a historical game that day. Three Grand Slams in 1 game!

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