Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Laughing is medicine for the heart.

Crawling and Standing

YES, this is true. My babe has started crawling, really crawling. Like, sit her down and she motors to the most dangerous spot in the room, immediately. I'm sure everyone knows what I'm talking about that has ever been around small children.

We love it and truly get why everyone always says, "it goes by so fast." She is so proud of herself and the funniest part of her new venture is that she uses her new found chompers to help herself pull up. Yes, the tiny little fingers wrap themselves around anything that doesn't move and the even smaller teeth clinch as high as they can go. HYSTERICAL, scary, and insanely amazing all in a burst of 30 second intervals!

4 teeth!

Four teeth and smiling! Yes it looks like her teeth are totally jacked up but she holds her bottom teeth over to fit the front and second tooth on her left side. AND, she grits them. Quite possibly the worst sound ever!

Bob notes that her teeth are coming in hillbilly style and contributes that to "my" genes, that would be a direct stab at my Kentucky roots. I assure him she will have perfect teeth of course, but actually I am a bit concerned because they do seem pretty funky at the time.

She started using her high chair as a teether. Just hope the old, antique store $25.00 find doesn't have a toxic coating of who knows what on it! Me and my great ideas, always a compromise right?!!

Franklin Festival Weekend

The fam ventured out on Sunday to an annual festival downtown Franklin and had a blast. The babe was in such a good mood and so was Mommy and Daddy. Plenty of street fare food and lots of local artisanal shopping.

Saturday it rained pretty much all day and we literally layed around most of the day, of course only when Harper Elle was not motoring around the house. It felt great to relax for the weekend and do whatever we wanted, pretty sure all of us needed a little R&R.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Velvet Trunk Photo Session

Harper has made her debut as a blog celebrity! After pining over Melanie McGaughey's work for a couple years now, I bit the bullet for Harper Elle's 6 month shots! We had a blast and as you can see it was so difficult to choose the photos.

Harper showed us tons of personality and lasted for an entire morning! The flirting, mischievous grins, and bubble blowing were hysterical. I won't forget this shot and how she has really come into her personality.

Check out her blog and website

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Babe, Jake Mardis

Whitney Mardis, my long time bud from college, and her husband Ryan added a new babe to their family. Jake Levi Mardis, he is one month old and 12 pounds. What a sweetie and wonderful addition to the Kentucky kid crew... that's what I call my close college friend's children.


We go away to Vegas for four nights and two hours after I get there my mom texts me and says Harper is CRAWLING! Also, she got another tooth this week. What? Why minutes after I leave she decides to grow up? It's get harder and harder to leave her, let alone reaching milestones you often dream about.

What a whirlwind of a two weeks. Bob and I have been so busy. I have been planting flowers like mad and mulching everything in sight. Harper Elle goes to Kentucky at least every fourth day. Bob took a NEW job, I capitalize because he is completely leaving his profession and taking on a completely new adventure in the medical imaging business. And in the midst of our hectic schedules, we were able to turn my Vegas work trip into a mini couples get away.

We had a blast in Vegas. We shopped, laid by the pool, drank a little too much and ate way way to much. Mario Batali and Wolfgang Puck served up some amazing meals and Frank Caliendo and Cirque du Soleil/Elvis provided fabulous entertainment. We also stayed at the new "mini city" of Aria in Vegas, it is unbelievable.

I'm blogging from Knoxville and can't wait to make it home tomorrow for a little R&R this weekend. If it is any indication of hectic and busy I have been, there are no pictures on this post or from Vegas...enough said!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

little Amish baby

The threads are courtesy of the Amish community in the heart of Kentucky. My Mom and I have indulged in bonnets and dresses that bring a very old school sentimentality to Harper Elle. Oh the fun we are having now, I know it can only last so long dressing her the way "we" want.

Harper Elle is so wiggly, inquisitive, and chatty Cathy these days. Still so healthy, her chunky thighs explode out of her snug fitting onesies and I squeeze and kiss them constantly. I find myself creating new names for her daily and lately it has been "little monkey." The tiny hands that curl around the back of your arms is the sweetest feeling.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Easter weekend was wonderful. My Mom and I hit the garden nurseries in rural Kentucky and stocked up. I'm ready to start planting my flowers, pots, and baskets but most people are laughing hysterically because it is "way to early." Since I have to multi-task like I'm on steroids these days, I figured I would get it done.

My Mom hosted my nephews for their egg hunt and Harper Elle was fast asleep for a much needed nap. After church, my mom and I whipped up a huge feast for the fam. It was delicious, reminiscent of a Thanksgiving feast that's followed by a nice long afternoon nap. No nap, Bob and I headed back to Nashville without the babe. It gets harder and harder to leave her....I cried most of the way home but the next day I picked myself up and got my stuff together. Well sort of, I went to KY on Wednesday to pick her up:)

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