Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Weekend

Being in Kentucky for Easter Weekend was jam packed with plenty of activities! We rolled in and stayed with my Sister, E Lee, Steveb, Benanin, and Baylen. That is how Harper refers to them:)

Basketball is clearly a priority in Kentucky, starting as soon as you can walk. Harper obviously has great mentors.

Coloring Easter eggs was always one of my favorite traditions at Easter. Not to mention hunting for them and trying to beat out the other 40 cousins I had. My Grandmother hosted an Easter Egg Hunt every year and with my Mom having 12 siblings, it made for a real competition to find the eggs. We reserved this year for a hands on attempt for Harper to see colors....she loved it!

Activity #15....E Lee painting Harper Elle's nails!!! Yes, it was as hysterical as it looks. I of course took off the polish on her thumb she sucks. How in the world did E Lee get her to sit still for POLISH....I have to pull out a SWAT team to wrangle her down to clip her nails! Such a girl!

Activity #123...just kidding really. It's just on the weekends sometimes you feel like an Activity Director on the Carnival Cruise Line. (Maybe I missed my calling?:))

After going out to the Amish to LOAD up on flowers, we came home for Lunch and a painting party. Each of us....Nana, E Lee, and Harper/Mommy combo..made a tiny birdhouse to put out in our yard to remember Easter 2011. They turned out great, unfortunately I didn't get the final product of E Lee's and Nana's. I was probably so distracted because my Mom decided to participate in an Adult Spelling Bee and kept barking out for us to give her words to spell. It's one of those "Bucket List" to do's. She finished 5th!

Easter Sunday!

Harper Elle adored the Easter Egg Hunt! She loved taking her "buckit" around and scooping up as many eggs as her little hands could get.

Now my Mom hosts an Easter Egg Hunt for her Grandchildren, probably for the last 15 years or so, and Harper fit right in. Not sure who found the "Golden Egg"....not Harper....but the prizes these days are MUCH larger than when I was little one. I sort of feel like E Lee and I should get to participate.

We came back to Tennessee after Easter Lunch and we gave Harper her Easter basket from the "Easter Bunny". She took her sweet little time and checked out all the goodies. She liked her basket most of all and carried it around all week! She would bring her "buckit" up to me and say "Ahggs Ahggs" and I finally realized what she was saying. Eggs! So sweet how they remember things.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Water Water Everywhere

Our first chance to get out in the Sun and have just a little Fun.....we took it. One afternoon it was a beautiful 75 degrees, on a Saturday after working all morning, I swung by Toys R Us and picked a bunch of summertime junk:) Harper and I came home and played all afternoon. It was her first sprinkler sighting and clearly she feel in love immediately.
Moss loved it too. My girls are the sweetest thangs, love them!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


During halftime of the Kentucky vs North Carolina game, Bob tells me he just bought 4 tickets to the Final Houston! Luckily, we won the game and we would be watching the CATS play in Houston. As ALL the details begin to swarm around in my head, I don't even realize how exciting this is. A spontaneous road trip, seeing the CATS play, and a vacation in March. This never happens! I suppose that's why I was trying to work out the logistics instead of jumping around like a school girl getting her very own Spring Break. It felt good.

We made a couple, desperate calls to Kentucky......seeking baby sitters, road warriors, and the biggest CATS fans we could find. The CATS fans would not be difficult but which ones do you choose?!! Baby sitters, ie E Lee (that's what Harper calls Auntie Lee Ann) and Nana did not hesitate to say YES. Finally, who would up for the 1600+ mile road trip to Houston? The winner is, Poppie (my Dad) and Benjamin (my 9 year old nephew and one of the biggest CATS fans I know).

The trip was well worth it. I had a chance to chill for many many hours in a car with plenty of magazines, new downloads on my Ipod, and the best part was hanging with my Dad, my Hubby, and my nephew. We played the old school/new and improved car games and realized most people, in the state of Texas, drive a really big truck! Also, there really isn't much or very many people between Arkansas and Houston. And we took plenty pictures for memories. Enjoy the photos I got, there are a few more to come...

Somewhere between Nashville and Arkansas we saw the most decorated road warrior!

I took out the camera somewhere in Arkansas and snapped a couple beautiful shots of the sky and scenery around. I really loved this simple peaceful shot.....that is sort of what it's like in nowhereland Arkansas.

We hit the streets and shopped around Houston to get game ready.

Heading into the game!
Watching Dad as he is in deep thought whether we are going to pull it off or not.
Benjamin's favorite food, sugar!
These two shots are taken from our seats. YES, we were up there!

This pic will capture our last smiles of the UK vs UConn game. Much to our dismay, we left with our hats in our hand. And one really really really long cab line. It was worse than waiting for a cab after Derby! I will give you one guess why....

Last stop of the trip was Bracket Town. A "Disneyland" if you will for sports fanatics!

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