Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My moonflower finally bloomed! Mom, can you believe it? It smells wonderful and is so beautiful. I planted this flower at the beginning of Spring and have waited all Spring and Summer for it to bloom. It only blooms at night, hence the name Moonflower. And so it has. I believe it may be a sign for Harper's arrival. Hopefully she will be here soon to smell the wonderful fragrance!
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Waiting on the babe

Chillin with Moss after the Pool!

Waiting on the Babe!
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2 weeks

Bob and I went to see the doc on Friday and well....nothing. No dilation and apparently she is really high! I felt really dizzy..and that hasn't gone away and she told me I had carpel tunnel. Oh the joys of the last few weeks! She told us that she would only let us go over one week, so now I know I really officially have 3 weeks until baby will be here! So I asked how can we get this moving and she suggested a few things, these are what we chose. We went to the Flea Market, walked the dog, went swimming in the pool, and more nursery decorating! Oh, I didn't mention sleeping in...well that's not going to help but we are on our final count down with that. Nothing...this is not the weekend baby Harper wants to come out and play:)

That is fine, we were able to wrap up a lot of loose ends around the house and feel like we are organized enough for whenever she comes along. Bob has been soooo helpful, I am so lucky to have such a wonderful partner to go through this with. He has been cooking, cleaning, watering the flowers, hanging EVERYTHING in the nursery, giving fabulous massages, and even updated my blog for me today!!! I love him so much and truly appreciate him as a hubby and best friend!

We have been spending some QT with Moss, we tried to take her swimming. We literally tried to find a body of water near our house but no success. So we took her to our pool, no one was there and she was able to get a quick dip. She didn't want to get out...I felt bad for her because she looooovess to swim...but we had to go because the cameras are watching! Oh well, a little is better than nothing.

PS..went to see Bruno! Hated it! Highly recommend saving your money....

Made blueberry lemon and strawberry banana muffins.....YUMMMMM

So we continue on into another week!


I love this shot of my sweet girl! She's so dramatic!
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Fun with Old Friends

One of my oldest friends, Jodi Ekbundit, brought her kids to my home a couple weeks ago! We had a blast, we took her three little ones to my pool and out to Dinner! We had not seen each other in about 4 years but of course we pick right up where we left off! Nothing like old friends, the familiarity is so nostalgic and comforting. I loved seeing her and her three gorgeous kids, she helped me plan for my little one with lots of stories and advice. Wow, what a mom, I really find her inspiring! I had a blast girl, come back anytime!
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Nestle Meeting

Nestle comes to Nashville! My team came in town last week for a brief meeting and surprise baby shower:) They were so thoughtful...not only did we go out to Cafe Nonna (one of my fav restaurants) and then they showered me with gifts.....they ordered Gigi's Cupcakes!!!!! Now, for those of you who have not had the chance to indulge in these sinfully delicious cupcakes, I recommend you order them online immediately. http://gigiscupcakesusa.com They are RIDICULOUS! Bob and I usually split one, wedding cake is always our first choice, but not this time. I indulged in an entire wedding cake personally....cupcake that is... and I had two left over to take home. He was thrilled and so was I. Thanks to all my wonderful colleagues, it was really special for all of you to think of me and my family!
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3 weeks to go

We have packed our bags for the big day...all 10 of them:)..completed our childbirth classes, and had another follow up appointment. We had our weekly check up July 16th and all is great.

No dilation
Cervix thinning
Belly measures: 36cm
Baby weighs: ~6-7lbs
Mom weighs: as if, ~20 +/- 2lbs gained

Last week was a fabulous week, we dined out with each other and with friends, a pedicure, a massage, and lots of last minute shopping for Harper Elle! My nesting instinct has peaked and I think I'm ready....isn't that funny? Ready? As if I have a clue what to really prepare for. I have checked off the 6 lists I created from close friends, websites, Babies R Us, and grandma's. All I know is that I am so excited to meet her I can barely stand it! I have already started planning her first birthday party, helllloooo, it is her birth day after all. I looked for a miniature birthday hat today..unsuccessful. If anyone knows where to find one for a newborn, let me know!

I have felt really good but I completely understand what they say about the inability to get comfy.. Helllllloooooo! It is official! During the day, you just waddled around hoping this pain in between your legs will go away..it doesn't. It constantly feels as if you ran a marathon the day before and have not stretched your inner thighs for 3 weeks. Then, about noon, the pain in the left rib kicks in and resides there until about..ohhh..dinner time! Finally, you get home and off your feet but wait..you have to got to the bathroom at least twice an hour for the next 8 hours:0) The coolest thing is when she starts kicking and moving around at night and it makes you forget about all icks and annoys...because you think to yourself, "just a few more days and I finally get to meet you." What's even cooler, I got to witness her having the hiccups the other night. Most wicked belly moment so far. She had them for at least 10 minutes. I have to admit....in all honesty....I have truly adored pregnancy and cannot wait to have her. It is such a small price to pay for such an amazing miracle.

More on the update for Friday, next doctor appointment.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

4 weeks to go

Here is a shot with 4 weeks until the big bash! I visited Dr Storck on July 6th to begin my weekly checkups. Baby Harper is great, her head is down and Momma is round! I am measuring 36 cm...which she tells us is perfect. Wt gain holding at 20lbs and feeling good. I have been swelling in my feet and I have nicknamed the phenomenan "Fred Flintstone." It truly is remarkable when you look down and you don't recognize your toes or ankles, they just look like Fred Flintstones caveman feet. The evening ritual of trying to get comfy in bed is getting harder as well. Bob packs me in like a sub sandwich, then I need to take my vitamin, then I need a book, then I need my heat pad, and after the 5 errands he runs...I usually turn out the light and fall fast asleep.

The nesting instinct is in full force. I haven't been cleaning baseboards or washing windows, but I have been organizing. Those of you who know me well, is this a surprise. Well, it is at it's peak. I have been working diligently on her room and obsessing over everything. I love spending time in there and can't wait until it is complete. I will send out some sneak peeks soon, I know you have been asking for them.

We have completed 4 of 6 of our childbirth classes. We are getting the hang of it...meaning we are trying hypnobabies to coach us through our birth. http://www.hypnobabies.com/ This class teaches you how to use hypnosis, ie: breathing and relaxation, to cope with pressure during your birthing time. Ryan and Jackie Harry are taking the course with us and we have had a lot fun. We are getting so excited for her birth...we are packing our bags this weekend.

July 4th

We had a blast July 4th! We hosted our traditional fireworks show with Jeff and Kelly Crowe and my Mom and Dad came in for the weekend to help us get all our last minute baby errands accomplished...and we did!

Saturday evening Bob and I hosted Jeff and Kelly, Ryan and Jackie, Tim and Kate, and Mom and Dad for BBQ! Afterward, we took our blankets out to the huge lawn behind our home and invited all the neighbors for fireworks. The kids and adults loved them. It is actually a really good show, the guys build these massive stands to launch the really big fireworks. Afterward, we all gathered back at home for an intermission while the rain passed. It was a long day and night for me, I think my head hit the pillow around midnight! Pretty impressive I must say for a 36 week pregger.

Hitting the links in June

Ok.....so I told a white lie....I have had another craving during pregnancy. GOLFING...
It has not worked out so well that I golf so the last several months, I just caddy. I called Bob one afternoon at the end of June and asked if he wanted to play. He said, you mean you want to be my caddy...and I said of course. It was a gorgeous day and couldn't wait to get on the course.

He didn't play so well that day....I think I made him nervous. But we had a lot of fun. I played with my camera as he lost somewhere around 10 balls....like I said....it wasn't his shining moment:)

This shot is one of the reasons I love being out on the course so much. The time of the day when the sun is going down and you get shade and sun. It is so beautiful, I will have a great memory of us out there that day....waiting for Harper to join us on the course someday!
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The Ultimate Craving...SATISFIED!

I have had one, one big one, craving during this pregnancy. That one craving was for my grandmother's biscuits. Since my grandmother has passed, I'm not sure if anyone really has her true recipe...but I think I found the next best thing! My Aunt Alvaleen, my Dad's oldest sister, gave me a dozen of her biscuits the last time I was in KY. I brought them home and heated them up for breakfast with the proper toppings....butter and strawberry jam and OMG.....the craving has been satisfied! It was just like Granny Oriene's biscuits, with a million memories rolled up into those floury perfections. I sat in silence eating, savoring, dripping (which is so common these days), and maybe a little drool somewhere! Nothing better!

So I'm raving to my mom about these biscuits and now I have her on the hunt for the ultimate recipe to capture this specific taste. I just hope Harper will have the chance to eat biscuits with her Nanna and create the memories like I did!
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yankees vs Braves

Yes, it is Derrick Jeter and Jorge Posada. Bob went to Atlanta to see the Braves vs Yankees and got some really cool shots of the team. I thought I would post of few for all the Yankees fans that follow my blog so they can be really jealous. Let me see, that would probably be Bob's mom, Bernice, and sis, Stephanie. Yeah...I think that is all I know that actually follow my blog that love the Yankees. If there are any others out there, please stand up and shout it out loud. By the way, there is a comment section that is in desperate need of chatter:0)

Since Bob and I have met, I may have actually watched less than 10 Yankee games...on TV of course. Nine of 10 in the last year. I am officially converted! I like following the team and literally can stay awake through an entire game! I can't wait to catch a live game one day...he keeps promising...so maybe my first game will be Harper's first game. New York here we come!

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The sweetest baby shower

Harper Elle already had her first fancy cake and she doesn't even have a birthday date! Is she going to be rotten or what. My sis, Lee Ann, and Mom, Audrey, hosted a fabulous shower for me in my hometown of Dunnville and I wanted to share the photos. Make sure and check out all the sweet things my friends and family bought for the little sprout! Thanks again to Mom and Sis, I will never forget such a special party!

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