Wednesday, July 22, 2009

3 weeks to go

We have packed our bags for the big day...all 10 of them:)..completed our childbirth classes, and had another follow up appointment. We had our weekly check up July 16th and all is great.

No dilation
Cervix thinning
Belly measures: 36cm
Baby weighs: ~6-7lbs
Mom weighs: as if, ~20 +/- 2lbs gained

Last week was a fabulous week, we dined out with each other and with friends, a pedicure, a massage, and lots of last minute shopping for Harper Elle! My nesting instinct has peaked and I think I'm ready....isn't that funny? Ready? As if I have a clue what to really prepare for. I have checked off the 6 lists I created from close friends, websites, Babies R Us, and grandma's. All I know is that I am so excited to meet her I can barely stand it! I have already started planning her first birthday party, helllloooo, it is her birth day after all. I looked for a miniature birthday hat today..unsuccessful. If anyone knows where to find one for a newborn, let me know!

I have felt really good but I completely understand what they say about the inability to get comfy.. Helllllloooooo! It is official! During the day, you just waddled around hoping this pain in between your legs will go doesn't. It constantly feels as if you ran a marathon the day before and have not stretched your inner thighs for 3 weeks. Then, about noon, the pain in the left rib kicks in and resides there until about..ohhh..dinner time! Finally, you get home and off your feet but have to got to the bathroom at least twice an hour for the next 8 hours:0) The coolest thing is when she starts kicking and moving around at night and it makes you forget about all icks and annoys...because you think to yourself, "just a few more days and I finally get to meet you." What's even cooler, I got to witness her having the hiccups the other night. Most wicked belly moment so far. She had them for at least 10 minutes. I have to all honesty....I have truly adored pregnancy and cannot wait to have her. It is such a small price to pay for such an amazing miracle.

More on the update for Friday, next doctor appointment.

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