Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Ultimate Craving...SATISFIED!

I have had one, one big one, craving during this pregnancy. That one craving was for my grandmother's biscuits. Since my grandmother has passed, I'm not sure if anyone really has her true recipe...but I think I found the next best thing! My Aunt Alvaleen, my Dad's oldest sister, gave me a dozen of her biscuits the last time I was in KY. I brought them home and heated them up for breakfast with the proper toppings....butter and strawberry jam and OMG.....the craving has been satisfied! It was just like Granny Oriene's biscuits, with a million memories rolled up into those floury perfections. I sat in silence eating, savoring, dripping (which is so common these days), and maybe a little drool somewhere! Nothing better!

So I'm raving to my mom about these biscuits and now I have her on the hunt for the ultimate recipe to capture this specific taste. I just hope Harper will have the chance to eat biscuits with her Nanna and create the memories like I did!
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