Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Soooo much snow (well 4-5 inches in Nashville is a lot of snow), a toddler with NO school, a doggie who was so glad we couldn't go anywhere and one lucky stay at home mom for a day equals a whole lot of fun. We had belgium waffles for breakie (so indulgent and thought I was back on the wagon after the holiday...NOT), plenty of books for reading, art for days and we made hand silhouettes! We flipped in the air, played fetch with Moss, and found the beginnings of a little kick ball. We broke all the rules and basically ate the entire day. When I ever thought I could run a business from home and "woman" the house....I must have been in a newborn induced haze:) I used to dream a lot of what I really wanted "to do when I grow up" on my maternity leave but the funny thing is I never thought of this kind of day and it's exactly what I want to be doing. ...until the next best reason to lock the door and break all the rules.

Best Buddies

Harpie likes to raise her shirt and show her belly. She didn't realize she had on a onesie today:)
This is one of our funny faces! I say "Allie Caruco" real loud and she curls he upper lip under an smiles really big......It's a little Cietek insider:)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Visit from Whitney Kate and Jake

Whitney, an old old friend, and her crew came through town for a quick visit over the holiday. It get to say old twice because 1. she has been a friend over 10 years 2. she is OLDER than me:) Just giving her a hard time....

It was great to see her kids and how much they have grown. Kate is 4 and Jake is 9 months. Harper loved Jake and obviously loved taking his paci out of his mouth and gladly giving it back! Kate was a doll and the sweetest thing. She played so well with Harper!

Don't be strangers, come back soon and keep us connected on your blog!

Bob and Jess on New Year's

Happy New Year Baby!

After the longest day imaginable.....we pulled it together and went "out on the town" for New Year's Eve. We arrived at the airport at 8:30AM, endured one really really terrible meltdown on the first flight, lucked out with a sleeping baby on the second flight, arrived in Albany at 12:30PM, spent the afternoon at Scubber's, secretly wished for a nap all day but never happened, rallied and met up with Uncle Eddie (Bob's best bud) and company for a New Year's celebration. After we got out, I quickly woke up and realized how fun it was to be out with my honey. I love you babe! Then, we got a late night ride home from Bob's Mom! Told you we were spoiled!!!!! Thanks so much Bernice, you totally took care of us.

Christmas with The Cieteks

If Harper hadn't already been spoiled rotten over the holidays, well, welcome to Albany. Grandma Cietek had so many treats for her! Toys, puzzles, her own laptop (ok Leaptop), clothes, and a beautiful scarf she knitted. She had a Christmas Tiger that kept Harper very curious and quite scared. It was funny to watch her eyeball Tiger to make sure he was not going to get her! Auntie Steph gave Harper lots of goodies and loved making her giggle running up and down the steps. We had a blast and thanks for spoiling Harper and us.....Bob and I got to sleep in every morning. Might have to go out on a limb and say it quite possibly was my favorite Christmas gift...the gift of sleep and alone time....I'm sure any Mom or Dad can relate to how amazing that is!

Aunt Mo (Monique is Harper's Great Aunt) gave her her first American Girl doll. Bitty Baby! And as you can see, she absolutely adored it. She also gave Harper pajamas to match the baby and the cutest rabbit house slippers you have ever seen. Harper put them on and would not take them off.

It was the sweetest thing to watch her snuggle her baby. She would pat her on the back and kiss her gently. It melts my heart to watch her love on her babies.
The slippers! Are they not ridiculous?!!
I don't know if I have mentioned this, but Harper also loves wearing lipstick! And guess who taught her about makeup.....Aunt Mo!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

More Scubber's

The Cieteks

Harper's stool behind the counter. Grandma made her a pizza.
Hanging out..
Harpie and Grandma

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Scubber's for New Year's Eve

Scubber's Wings is now 2 go! For those of you who do not know, Scubber's is my husband's family business for over 30 years. And my husband is Scubber, a nickname that was given to him by his great grandfather. They shut down their business for a couple of years but since have re-opened and it is even better than ever.

After a very trying first plane ride then a somewhat zonked second, we made it to Albany just in time for New Year's Eve. First stop, Scubber's. We feasted on wings, mozzarella sticks, and wood fired pizza. Oh was it good!

Big Bob, Grandma, and Auntie Steph helping Harper settle in.
Learning the business.
"Running" the show.

Harper loved being at Scubber's. Her little fingers found themselves into every nook and cranny they could find. She pulled the cups out by the dozens, stuffed ketchup packets into bags and dumped them out again and again and again, and even loved punching orders in on the computer! She is clearly a natural and the family got a huge kick out of her running around the store!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eating Independantly

Is this shot not the BEST! Harpie is all about feeding herself these days and trying to lick the bowl clean. Good job honey:)
Eating don't even want to see the mess!

Spaghetti Stains;)
I guess all that eating makes you sleepy.

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