Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Soooo much snow (well 4-5 inches in Nashville is a lot of snow), a toddler with NO school, a doggie who was so glad we couldn't go anywhere and one lucky stay at home mom for a day equals a whole lot of fun. We had belgium waffles for breakie (so indulgent and thought I was back on the wagon after the holiday...NOT), plenty of books for reading, art for days and we made hand silhouettes! We flipped in the air, played fetch with Moss, and found the beginnings of a little kick ball. We broke all the rules and basically ate the entire day. When I ever thought I could run a business from home and "woman" the house....I must have been in a newborn induced haze:) I used to dream a lot of what I really wanted "to do when I grow up" on my maternity leave but the funny thing is I never thought of this kind of day and it's exactly what I want to be doing. ...until the next best reason to lock the door and break all the rules.

Best Buddies

Harpie likes to raise her shirt and show her belly. She didn't realize she had on a onesie today:)
This is one of our funny faces! I say "Allie Caruco" real loud and she curls he upper lip under an smiles really big......It's a little Cietek insider:)

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  1. Jess, i love all of these, especially the one Harper trying to show her belly, that facial expression, precious.


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