Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miami/ June 8, 2008

April's Getaway before the Big Day! Miami here we come! April invited some of her closest friends and family to escape to Miami one weekend in June. We tanned, we ate, and we made sure April had a great time. Check out the photos for yourself!

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Outer Banks North Caroline/ June 12, 2008

The Outer Banks in June! It was so much fun. Bob and I stayed on the beach in Corolla with our friends Josh and Heidi Callahan. Their three boys Aiden, Brady, and Chase were great and so was the rest of the family. We made great use of our time here. Lots of lounging, cornhole, shopping, and of course plenty of eating! We had such a great time, we hope to return next year.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Brian and Maria Coffey's Wedding

Bob and I had a blast at this wedding in September. We saw a ton of our old friends who we rarely get to see.
Brian and Maria looked amazing and what a fabulous party!

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Moss Lounging at Home

Moss has been taking advantage of the sun in my office. She loves laying in the window to watch all the neighbors walk by:)

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The New Year for 08

New Year's was a perfect time with Ryan and Whitney! Although Breagel had to work and get us free food....we wouldn't had it any other way! Great food, football, and friends. Whit and Ryan said they would definitely be back soon. We look forward to their return.

April Fools

Today I wanted to trick Bob with a great April Fools...I didn't pull it off! Bob had surgery 3 weeks ago today for ACL reconstruction and began making calls to customers within an hour of leaving the surgery center. Heavily medicated and quite chipper on the phone....I knew it was not a great idea for him to be chatting it up with customers. He made a few calls on the way home from the surgery center and fell asleep once we got home. I told my Dad about him calling customers all drugged up after surgery and he said I should have one play a joke on him. Unfortuanely, I couldn't round anyone up today!!!! It would have been great:)

He is healing fabulous and doing great in therapy! He may get to go back to official work next week! We have been taking it easy and trying to get ready for Spring. We entertained the weekend of Easter. Kelly Jeff Cashen and Madeline joined us for Dinner on Saturday and Sunday we made a huge Brunch for Kate and Tim and of course our Sunday regular Breagel. Mom and Dad Terry ventured down last weekend in hopes to help with my golfing strategies for my upcoming tournament in Orlando. It rained all weekend, so Bob and I headed out last night for a bit! Needless to say, not bad for the first time this season, but lessons are on the way!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Murder Mystery Party

My buddies Tim Roach and Kate Clark hosted a murder mystery party. We had a blast. Everyone was in perfect character! I must say, I didn't prepare as much as I could have. This year I will be ready to win the grand prize for solving the murder! Murders!


Hello Everyone,

This is my first blog! I hope to give you all a little more on what's going on with The Cieteks in Nashville!

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