Thursday, August 20, 2009

Harper's First Days

Proud parents postively! We actually had a lot of fun in the hospital. We went in on Saturday night at 10:00PM and Harper Elle was born 2:04 PM on Sunday August 16th. The Terry's made the trip in from Kentucky to greet the arrival for the little peanut. Kelly and Breagal were our photo and film crew. We spent lots of time kissing and holding her, she obviously didn't mind. She passed all her tests and checks with flying colors. A little jaundice set in but no other issues. We watched lots of movies and ate take out. My good friend Brandy was Harper's nurse for the night shift and spoiled her rotten while Bob and I were able to sleep. Bob made a late night run to Dairy Queen for ice cream our last night there and we celebrated with Breagal and Brandy for a mini Bday party for Harper.

We left the hospital on Tuesday and headed home.

We have been settling in at home with lots of naps and great food from our neighbors. We love the support and really appreciate all our neighbors and friends.

We went for a weight check today and she has gained 4 oz in two days, she is back to her birth weight! Pretty good and her Pediatrician is very happy with her progress.

Enjoy the shots.
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She's here, Harper's Birth!

Harper Elle Cietek was born! Finally we got our baby girl. She weighed 6lbs 14oz, 21inches. And let me mention perfect!

It took roughly 16 hours of labor, one determined mom, one amazing birth partner, and lots of love!

She came out with her big beautiful eyes wide open and they haven't stopped melting our hearts ever since.

Please check out all the photos to enjoy our special day. Thanks to all of our amazing family and friends for all their support.
We could have never imagined how this would impact our lives...becoming a family...words can't express the feeling. It is the most amazing thing Bob and I could ever experience.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fancy Toes

So most of you know how much I do not care for the shape or genetic make up of my for me to be posting them on here is a big deal. I couldn't resist sharing my new pedi with my fellow lady friends. I have always snubbed the whole artwork on the toes but today, I went for a full spa mani/pedi...seeing it may be awhile till I have another...and the sweet lady added a special touch just for the baby. I sort of think she felt sorry for me and I have to admit I was a little nervous but I actually love it! It so cheery, it's keeping my spirits high. I love love love the color, I have had it before. OPI, "We'll always have Paris." I'm sure the nurses will have a field day with these toes, at least it will be a good conversation piece. Like I'm probably going to care about small talk:)

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Pregnancy and distorted body images

My fabulous friend Carol, from Kansas City, set me up with this hilarious apron. She recommended as soon as I was having those terrible distorted pregnancy body images....just slip this number on and voila! Well, I pulled it out the other night and when Bob came in from the gym I served up a fabulous Dinner! He thought it was hysterical and it gave us a good laugh during these days that feel like they last 48 hours each:) Love you Carol and thanks for the comedic relief, it is exactly what we need right now!
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Nursery

So here it is, the nursery is mostly complete! I have had so much fun creating a new little home for Harper and I hope she loves it!
I have taken several naps already in the very comfy eco glider that arrived just a couple weeks ago.

I have to confess, my favorite part has been filling up the closet. Baby clothes have become a way of life for me. This time of year there are all these upscale consignment sales and it has fueled this internal fire I never knew I had. I love a good deal and of course the recycling part of it makes it even better. This is going to be dangerous having a little girl but it certainly is going to be fun.
Enjoy the pictures linked below.
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Due Date Comes and Goes

August 7th...Harper Elle's official expected birthday...has come and gone! We are hanging in there and hoping she comes when it is her real birthday. My neighbor Glenn told me you can't rush the great things in life and he is right!

We went to the doc on the 5th and I haven't dilated at all. My belly measures 38 cm and baby is estimated to weigh 8lbs...which is only a gestimate. With this news...I think I have had ice cream at least twice a day! I figure any extra weight for her at this point is being stored as fat.....and who doesn't love a fat baby!

Accident Prone

Bob and I went to breakfast on Sunday morning, August 2nd, and after we hit a double decker movie. Funny People and The Ugly Truth....loved Funny People and The Ugly Truth was your cute predictable romantic comedy! Afterward, we headed home and I thought I would do some gardening since we had been indoors the majority of the day. Well, just a few minutes later, down I went! I sprained my ankle and that started my 40th week of pregnancy. We got everything checked out on Monday and mom and babe are doing just fine. Lots of R&R for both of us this past week, I can't say I really hate the fact that my feet need to be up the majority of the day:) Just going with the flow...
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Michelle's Shower

My buddy Michelle and I are obviously expecting but the catch is....she's have two! Two boys!
April and I went to her shower on August 1st, it was great to see Apes and catch up! Michelle is doing great and looking adorable.
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Dream a little Dream

Moss is so good at calming me down...."see Mom, all you have to do is just sleep, it makes it all go away."
She's right and there won't be much time for that later! Good night!
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39 weeks preggers July 30th

39 Weeks Preggers! How much bigger can this belly get?
Went to see the doc this week and she says I have not dilated and there is no change!!!!!!!!
I was hoping for better news and then she says, "Don't have this baby while I'm on vacation, I will be gone Saturday-Saturday." I basically wanted to throw up. How could she do that, just leave when my due date was in 8 days. I was officially p***ed. Harper didn't appear to be making an appearance in the next two days and Dr perfect find...was stepping out on me. So I had to take a deep breathe and just relax...and guess what? All that stress for baby.
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