Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Time!

December 23rd
My parents came down on Wednesday the 23rd and kicked off the holidays with a lot of gifts, lots and lots of kisses and hugs for Harper and few for me:0), plenty of sweets and treats to eat, and a big ole round of golf for Bob! I think my Dad and Bob would golf no matter the weather, they are committed....or delirious in my opinion. We had an unbelievable great time. Harper loved opening gifts, playing with Poppie and Nana, and most of all putting the babies in and out of the doll bed and buggy.
Poppie made Harper her first baby bed.
Daddy and Poppie putting together Harper's new playroom table.
Harpie trying to help.

I think she likes it

Acutally....she loves it

Christmas Eve
Harper opened a gift from her cousins Dawson and Leah and it was this beautiful Disney doll Arial! She did NOT like her and took quite a long time to warm up to her. With a little help from Poppie, she now cannot put her down! She calls out her name which sounds like "Ahda", it is precious and quite hilarious considering she was so scared of her at first. I was convinced it was her oversized eyes, to be honest, they scared me.

Clearly she is warming up to her seeing that Poppie and Arial became friends so fast

Harper loved opening gifts even though this face is not convincing. She is testing out some new looks for the camera.
Who wants to squeeze these legs?
This is Harper and Moss' favorite spot. Especially when there is an audience.

Christmas Eve at Kelly's

Madeline helps her Ninna blow out her birthday candles
Madeline, Kelly, and Carol (Ninna) celebrate Ninna's birthday!
Kelly bought Harper this doll with a stroller and baby bed. Harper loved it all, the only thing...she thinks it's for her and tries to fit in it herself!
Gary and Cashen


It was a white Christmas! First one in 60 years. It was beautiful and Moss was the first to spot the snow.
Christmas morning breakfast....blueberries and hot fresh cinnamon rolls.

Harper coming down the stairs to see what Santa brought her.
She usually stops to say Hi to baby Harper:)

Harpie hanging in her new rocking chair that Santa brought!
Santa really came. Buddy Patch, that is the name of Harper's Elf on the Shelf character that sends report to Santa, must have sent a really really good report on Harper! AND to Mommy!
Harpie loves her new chair.
Mommy loves loves loves her new goodies from Daddy or should we stick with Santa:)
We had the best day, lounging on Christmas and enjoying being with our family. I am so so thankful for my beautiful family and the health and love we have. The three of us went to visit Brian, my dear dear friend that has been in the hospital for over 9 weeks, on Christmas night. Brian and I have known each other for 15 years and we are basically like family. He became very ill at the end of October and is slowing recovering in the hospital. We think a lot of Brian and wish every day for a full recovery and most importantly to enjoy each day you have with your loved ones. We are closing 2010 with so many memories, struggles, hurdles, happiness, stronger hearts, and love and can't wait to begin 2011 with new adventures in parenting, life, love, and work!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Holiday Season at The Gardner School

Harper has began going to a new school, The Gardner School, and is doing great! Her first week was Thanksgiving and by Christmas, she fits right in! Her teacher, Ms. Danielle, calls Harper her little helper as she puts her own cot away and tries to put the others away sometimes before they are done napping. Ms. Danielle says Harper is such a good eater,she has to feed her last because she eats so fast that she runs out before some of the others begin. And finally, the biting! Well let's just say, Harper does not have time to bite at this school. She is so active and involved, there has only been 1 accident since she has been there. We are thrilled with the new school and are so happy she is thriving so well.

Her new teacher, Ms. Danielle, spoiled us for Christmas. She baked all these cookies, made a beautiful picture/poem framed for Harper's room and a very cool video. I am going to try and post it. It made me a good way of course. To see her playing, painting, eating, and learning at her new school makes you feel so good.

The holiday season at The Gardner School was jam packed! They had a Christmas program and Harper's class rang hand bells to Jingle stinking cute. There was a Christmas party at school AND Santa! Harper was quite funny this year with Santa, of course she thought he was weird and scary and would NOT sit near him without Mommy! I don't blame her, she shouldn't want to go to scary, large, very bright, strangers!
Eating Cookies at Christmas Party
Harpie and her classmates
Getting ready to ring the bells!
Harper and Ms. Danielle
A little stage fright!

Harper 15 months

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