Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Downtown Girl at Sesame Street Live

I took Harper to see Sesame Street Live on Saturday and this is the best attempt at a photo of her in my lap the entire time! She loved it but she is desperately shy in public sometimes and kept her eyes glued on the characters. The only thing she was would say is "Where is Abby", her favorite character that would disappear backstage from time to time. She said she loved it and of course talked and talked about it afterward.
This is during intermission when all the parents race out to grab a hot dog or a bag of cotton candy. NOT that there is ANYTHING wrong with that, just let me be clear. I just sort of love the fact that I pull a peach out of my bag and Harper proceeds par for the course and wondering why the little girl behind us is not eating her snack (five dollar bag of cotton candy) and starring at the balloons like everyone else. And the parents are telling her to eat while they complain how stale it is! So many things are overrated....hanging with your daughter on a Saturday at our first mini concert is not!
My attempt at Mother Daughter pose!
Harper is in her element, lovin the energy downtown and walking recklessly on the huge sidewalk!
I mean, I'm speechless.

Here she is with Abby, no wonder she is all smiles. Just praying the entire time she doesn't buck off the newspaper stands and a gazillion boo boo's later. We are truly the only people on the street. I scooted out early to miss the crowd and luckily she was totally cool with that.
Playtime is over Mommy! The scenic attempt is lame and I am not interested! Welcome to 2! She told me "No Mommy" and at least asked to get down off the 5 foot tall cement barrier. She is the sweetest most cuddly girl and I am so so lucky to be her Mommy!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Father's Day Daddy!


This was such a special Father's Day. Harper's love for her Daddy is so sweet and she clearly adores him.

I engraved a frame that says I Lub You Daddy because this is what she tells him every night before bed.

Seriously HUGE Hydrangeas! We cut the largest Hydrangeas you have ever seen and filled the house for Father's Day. You can't tell but these are bigger than her head!

Sweet moments are what matter.

Bob is such a great Dad, protector, friend, and caterer to Harper Elle.
She is such a lucky girl!


We took our sweetie up to the Pied Piper to get a few shots of her and the fam.
Sarah B Gilliam captured these moments in 100 degree heat!

Harper Elle 22 months

Harper is now 22 months! We have had so many milestones lately that I don't know where to begin. The BIGGEST.........TODDLER BED TRAINING for her......TODDLER BED BLUES for me and Daddy.

She climbed out of her crib the last week of May at 21 months old. I didn't understand WHY this was happening.

this doesn't happen at 21 months??

Well, wake up Sister! It is! And the next 4 nights she was snuggled in with me until we could figure something out that was followed by 2 weeks of sleepless nights.
Screaming, Tantrums, Wrecking of the Room. You name it, it happended.
Finally, I put her babies in with her and she slept, ALL NIGHT. I credit myself but let's be honest, it's probably just father time on our side at this point.

I guess it seems silly now that I am writing about it and it just feels like another milestone but in the moment it doesn't feel that way. Every Mom I talked to said:

oh my little one loved their toddler bed, we just bought them a big boy bed and that was it...
nana nana boo boo sort of thing

Well this is for all the Moms out there that may be going through SUCKS...and sometimes you feel completely helpless. But somehow, when you know others are there with you, it doesn't seem so bad. You make it through and I guess that is what surviving parenthood is about?!! PS, about a week in, I notice she is cutting 4 molars......


She hugs like it is her last one every night for bed. She pats her babies and talks to them just like a Mother. Mimicking the grunts of picking them up, talking to them with sweet sighs, and covering them up for "cozy time."
She mocks Mommy by touching my chin, swiveling my face to repeat over and over, "Listen Mommy Listen."
I Lub You are the sweetest words you will here come out of her mouth and her love for animals is breathtaking.
Harper is sassy and bossy but undeniably charming!

Who loves Playdough more than Harper Elle? Not sure...

So she and her Daddy play and play and play
Lollipops, Smiley Faces, fun to just "Make Believe."

My Water Baby! She is having a blast in the water so far this Summer, she puts her swimmies on and her ring and jumps to Mommy or Daddy with a huge deep breath in and UNDER the water she goes. She is fearless and carefree, some of the most adorable traits of her resume.
And irresistable flare to list another.

Harper and Baby Henry are neighbor buddy playmates. He is sitting and she is mothering. Angela and Will, our friends and neighbors, have this adorable baby boy Henry that is the sweetest thing you have every seen. Now that his is a big boy sitting up, Harper wants to go over and see "Baby Henny" all the time after school and on the weekend. She tried to pick him up the last visit and I must admit was quite sweet, scary, and a bit funny. Well, at least Angela and I thought so! When I saw her, I sort of freaked and said "Oh No, we can't do that" and what did she do...of course drop him the 1/2 inch she had removed him from the ground. A little bump, a little cry, and a little scared. That's when we giggled.

Nana and Poppie came in and we celebrated Father's Day a weekend early. Do you love the glasses? The only one getting spoiled these days is Miss Harper Elle with all new gear for her babies! Baby Lindsey, Baby Abbie, and Olivia!

The have a new high chair, swing, and pack and play! She packs theses babies from the time she wakes up until we have to get all 3 and her and Mommy into the rocker in time for bed! Whewwww, yes, a big sigh but it is so worth it. She has loved all this and is such a good little Mommy already.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

We visit Uncle B

My long long long term friend (like 17 Years) and Harper's Godfather Brian, has been quite sick since October 2010! We had her Baptism in August and by October he was very ill. He has had a really horrible battle with his health and I have tried to be by his side as much as I can. I occasionally take Harper to see him and the first couple times were a little rough. I think she didn't understand the whole hospital thing and was a bit terrified. But this day, we had a nice day in the park and we didn't have to be cramped up in an icky old hospital room!

Unfortunately our weekly visits will be coming to an end fairly soon. Brian has decided it is in his best interest to go to Chicago to his parents for awhile. At least he will be in the comfort of home and can recieve some TLC from his family.

Stuck in the Middle with You!

This has always been our favorite song and now we have another in the middle with us.

Clearly they have snacking in common.

They bond!

And of course, Brian's best side shows through. His humor cannot compare to most....he has ALWAYS made me laugh and thoughout this time he has still managed to keep my spirits up! He says he is going to write a book and I can't wait. I do think it would be a hit, I just have to make sure any parts that include me will have to be edited by my eyes first;0)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

May Highlights

Keeping a blog is sometimes a love hate relationship for me. I probably think of at least 7 post per week and it is a month later until I get it to the page. Seeing my life change on a daily basis makes me want to record every moment but having an almost 2 year old causes you to have to lock it in memory and give up this crazy expectation of journaling every move. Due to the fact I don't have any fancy advertisers and probably a handful a people as hectic as I am reading stress for me.
Here are a few highlights and clips from May!

When Mommy's away, Grandma and Aunt Mo will play.....with Harp! I had to go to Chicago and they flew in from New York for the week to spoil our little doll. They LOVE playing with Harper and she loves them. They cooked and shopped and cooked and shopped! I had so much food when I came home, I didn't know where to start. I am soo soo spoiled. Thanks again and again for coming down!


Mother's Day flowers.....I had the most special time with Harper on Mother's Day. We sat in her playroom and played restaurant. I have been waiting and waiting to do this with her, although a short remedial attempt...I loved every moment:)


We discovered a few new things and totally indulged in all the things we love about Savannah. For those of you who didn't know, we got married here 5 years ago, May 13, 2006!
The drink featured above is the John Daly. It is an Arnold Palmer (1/2 Sweet Tea 1/2 Lemonade) kicked up with Sweet Tea Vodka....yes darlin.....everythang in the South comes with Sweet Tea(you know, Paula Deen accent style).
So this was our first stop and what a view of the river. We sat out on the upstairs patio and just kicked with a few of was much needed.

After a few John Daly's, we went exploring on the huge old ship!!! It was absolutely breathtaking!


My breakfast with Iced coffee

If I ever own a store, this is what I want it to look like

Bob and I adore PediCabs. In fact, when we are in Savannah or Charleston, we refuse to take normal cabs if we are not walking. Our sweet Pedi Cab driver took our pictures! Love this city...

the other great thing about pedicabs

The McNeil Metts Mansion, where we celebrated our reception!
Forsythe Park, where we married 5 years ago!


We celebrated a beautiful weekend with Kelly, Cashen and Madeline! We had a picnic, Cashen played cornhole, Madeline put on lipstick and way to much sunscreen, and Harper kept eating and eating and eating! We had a blast and are definitely ready for Summer!

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