Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Downtown Girl at Sesame Street Live

I took Harper to see Sesame Street Live on Saturday and this is the best attempt at a photo of her in my lap the entire time! She loved it but she is desperately shy in public sometimes and kept her eyes glued on the characters. The only thing she was would say is "Where is Abby", her favorite character that would disappear backstage from time to time. She said she loved it and of course talked and talked about it afterward.
This is during intermission when all the parents race out to grab a hot dog or a bag of cotton candy. NOT that there is ANYTHING wrong with that, just let me be clear. I just sort of love the fact that I pull a peach out of my bag and Harper proceeds par for the course and wondering why the little girl behind us is not eating her snack (five dollar bag of cotton candy) and starring at the balloons like everyone else. And the parents are telling her to eat while they complain how stale it is! So many things are overrated....hanging with your daughter on a Saturday at our first mini concert is not!
My attempt at Mother Daughter pose!
Harper is in her element, lovin the energy downtown and walking recklessly on the huge sidewalk!
I mean, I'm speechless.

Here she is with Abby, no wonder she is all smiles. Just praying the entire time she doesn't buck off the newspaper stands and a gazillion boo boo's later. We are truly the only people on the street. I scooted out early to miss the crowd and luckily she was totally cool with that.
Playtime is over Mommy! The scenic attempt is lame and I am not interested! Welcome to 2! She told me "No Mommy" and at least asked to get down off the 5 foot tall cement barrier. She is the sweetest most cuddly girl and I am so so lucky to be her Mommy!

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  1. Oh my gosh Jessie, these are the sweetest pictures, the little shirt and skirt, sososo sweet, and her fat belly, I love it !


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