Sunday, March 29, 2009

Registering at Target

My mom and I decided to hit the stores and explore the world of baby girl clothes! We covered a lot of stores in a two day period and felt we were in trouble immediately. We fell in love with almost everything! I couldn't get over how small all the newborn clothes are and how in the world will she be able to wear these "doll clothes." My mom assured me, even if she can't wear them, we still have to buy them:)

After we picked up a few dresses and bloomers, which seem to be my obsession, we headed to Target to get a registry going. We found out quickly neither of us really knew what we were doing but we found a lot of cute clothes! So I picked a few things and decided to rely on my new master mommies to guide my registry at a much more ideal place! UM, Babies R Us ring a bell? We had a blast and will always remember the first time my mom and I got to shop for our little girl!

My friend Jackie and I are planning to go and register at Babies R Us this coming weekend. She is due a few weeks after me, with her second, and I'm sure she will guide me in the right direction!
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21 Weeks Prego

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I hope you guessed right! I'm hoping the ladies did! So it didn't take long for Tish, my pal around neighbor, and I to head out and just "check out" the little girls clothes! We found ourselves at Janie and Jack and of course had a fit over most of the clothes. So as you can see, here are few of her first items! I bought the sweater dress and Tish the blue coat and booties.

Later that weekend, Sunday afternoon, my other neighbor buddy Lisa showed up with the tan sweater and booties! Is this little one going to spoiled, I'm afraid to say there are more pictures to come.

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20 Weeks Prego! March 21st 2009

The belly shot! So many requests and I finally got a decent shot! She is growing like crazy and finally you can see! Momma status: Feeling great, eating well, and regular exercise. I have started cooking and I am so excited for Spring! Farmers Market here I come! Weight gain: 7lbs

Baby status: She finally came alive. I felt her move for the first time March 18th and unfortunately I was out of town on business! I don't think Bob could feel it but it certainly would have been nice to share the experience with him! I guess that is how it goes huh, you are destined to miss major milestones! She has certainly been active ever since, each night around 8:30, I think she is practicing her gymnastics! She seems to move around a lot right before bed! It is so cool, and yes Bob finally got to feel it!

So now we have a healthy baby and we know it's a girl, what do you think is next?
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Friday 13th! Will it be a boy or girl!

As most of you probably know, IT'S A GIRL! I am thrilled to announce our ultrasound onMarch Friday 13th went fabulous! We went in for the ultrasound and was able to see all her parts in action. The heart, brain, limbs, and even a smile! Sure enough, everything is right on schedule. She weighs about a pound is roughly 10 inches long. It was such a precious moment when the lady announced that our sweet little gummi bear baby was going to be a GIRL! Bob then projects, "Wow, we are going to have a wedding to host!", I loved the smile on his face and I will never forget it!

Bob and I celebrated over Dinner with my parents and nephew Baylen! I have pictures and videos that I hope to share with you! If all goes well, you will see her blowing bubbles and sucking thumbs:)

Cookie Cravings

I started baking right around the beginning of March. I love those Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies from Kashi, partly because they are "healthier" for you and mostly because they taste great! For all the sweet eaters, you will love this recipe!
The recipe started with a bag of Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chips. It has a recipe for chocolate chip oatmeal cookies on the back, I started substituting ingredients and came out with a really good cookie. Add dark chocolate chips vs milk chocolate, add nuts I chose hazelnuts, and for a twist I added dried cherries! They have been a hit with the neighbors and of course Bob, my official taste tester!
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Gourmet Club

Well my love of food has re-kindled and I have joined a Gourmet Club. My friend Kate and I have wanted to start one for about a year and we are underway! Our first meeting was February 19th and we chowed on cheese, fruit and wine! Except for me of course:)

We plan to meet each month, cook, eat out, visit cooking schools, and eat at local farms! I will keep you posted as it evolves or you can follow our blog!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kentucky Girls Weekend!

After a great meeting with my new doc,
I headed to Kentucky with Kelly for a weekend getaway
with my favorite college girlfriends!
We had a snuggie party. I know, how many people have
made fun of this commercial? I hope everyone responds,
"ME!" after that question and that was why we were
questioning why we were wearing them. April and Jennifer
thought it would be a fabulous surprise for everyone and it made
for great fun!
Everyone brought a ton of their college photos!
Man, we have made so memories together and I'm not sure
I have laughed that hard and that long in awhile! I totally enjoyed
my time with the girls as well as their little ones. They are all growing
so fast!
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January 26, 2009 Last visit with first OB

So basically I didn't like my OB, ie: baby doctor, and I needed to find a new one! I tried to switch within the practice since there were only 10 docs but ooohhh no, that was unacceptable regarding "their" policy! So fine...I would find another person who wanted my $25,000, at least I think that is a rough estimate of what it costs to have a baby these days! So I started researching immediately and found HER. The new doc is DR. STORCK, how appropriate, it was my sign and I'm glad I paid attention to this one!

February 13, 2009 First visit with last OB

During our first visit, I said to Bob "Do you know how I can tell this is a good doc and a good office?" He said after looking ALL around the room, "because there are antiseptic wipes on the counter", I said "NO, there is a huge Julia Childs Cookbook on her desk." He just laughed and started telling me some really funny jokes. It was a good day and a great new start to this journey. So the next visit will be "THE VISIT." You know, the one we find out the sex! Stay tuned for March 13th's posting...yes..that is Friday the 13th!

15 weeks pregnant
Weight, 2lb gain Did you really think I was going to tell you how much I weigh:)

New Year's Eve 2008

New Year Eve! We loved having Dinner with our neighbors Brent, Tish, and Emma Holden. We recreated a classic meal from a local favorite restaurant.
Filet with lobster sauce
Twiced Baked Potatoes
A mini salad bar
Brownies/Ice Cream for Dessert, at the 12O'clock hour

Several other neighbors strolled in after Dinner and we played Taboo until about 2:00! Yes, I said "we" because this pregnant lady lasted until then! I was so proud but I had to start cooking to gain my second wind. So we had plenty of brownies and ice cream for everyone!
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gummi Bear Baby Photo

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Gummi Bear Baby/ December 29, 2008

Bob and I had our first prenatal visit! The ultrasound revealed at 8 weeks a sweet little flicker, that apparently was the heartbeat, and a small squirmy thing the size of a gummi bear.....the baby! It was the coolest, weirdest, and most miraculous thing I think I have ever experienced! It was official, there was a little one growing inside of me....what do I do now! Not much because it was clear that my body wasn't mine anymore and was now the residence of gummi bear baby. Gummi bear baby had taken over physically, mentally, and had begun to completely diminish my relationship with food! I love food...I live, breathe, eat, and sleep food and now the love affair was over. I could barely think of what to have for dinner, let alone make it! Bob slid right into head chef for The Cieteks and thanks goodness because Gummi Bear baby would have become Peanut Butter baby! I have been jonesin for: Diet Coke, Poptarts, Fruit, Peanut Butter, and Cottage Cheese/Peaches. This is what Gummi Bear baby has been living on, except Diet Coke, the first several weeks! Chef Bob is very strict on the diet, he is already a little over protective!

Christmas December 24, 2008

Christmas 2008! The Terry family Christmas was hosted by my mom this year and Bob and I went up to Kentucky for the weekend. My mom had pneumonia and I with child, we both slept the majority of Saturday. My Dad and Bob played golf, they will go rain, sleet, snow, or shine!

Bob and I went to Kelly and Jeff Crowe's on Christmas Eve to see Cashen, Madeline, and Taylor open their gifts! It was a blast to see the little ones get so excited about Christmas. Kelly has started this great tradition of feeding the reindeer, she makes "special" reindeer food for the kids to throw all over the front lawn. They loved it and we loved watching them!
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The Talk with Moss/ November 28, 2008

So I had to have the talk with Moss. She has been our pride and joy for 7 years and now there is going to be someone new in the house....what was I going to say! Well, I basically told her there would be someone that would probably give her snacks right from the plate everyday, let her lick him/her continuously, and have waaaayyyyyy more energy than Dad or I. So, she is SOLD! She ask me everytime the doorbell rings, "is that the new and better person that is coming to live with us." I say, "no, just about 7 more months to go!" Of course she has no clue because dogs have no concept of time.....

"I'm not feeling well weekend."/ November 21, 2008

Bob and I headed to Kentucky for my mom's 60th Surprise Weekend. On Friday my family and friends had my mom a surprise party with all her oldest and dearest friends. She couldn't believe it and we totally pulled it off! I couldn't believe how I was feeling either, I took one sip of celebratory wine and that would be the last. That began the weekend waves of nausea. My mom was so giddy she could barely contain herself and I know my Dad and Bob were secretly wondering, "is this it?" Once we got back to Nashville for the week, I could not wait to take a pregnancy test. Bob and I were at our gym working out and I said to him on the way home we should stop and pick up a test to confirm. He suggested we just wait until sufficient time had past. Ummm, of course I couldn't wait and the next day I confirmed it with 3 test! I wanted to make sure! So I shared the news with Bob and of course, he was thrilled! At this point, I was only 2 weeks along, so we had plenty of time to wait to tell anyone. Well, of course that didn't last long. The following weekend was Thanksgiving and we both told our parents with the guarantee that they wouldn't tell ANYONE! The next week, my entire family and small town community knew.... thanks Dad! What can I say, I guess they were really excited!
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Bob's 34th Birthday/ November 2, 2008

Bob's big 34 this year was different that most years. We had a block party so to speak in our neighborhood. Our neighbors are so fun and after about a year, we have developed some great friendships! I made a few treats and called a few friends and we played cornhole at our new clubhouse! As you can see, we played cornholed inside! It was about 20 degrees outside but it worked just fine. My Dad and I tagged teamed this project, he made the boards and I made the bags. Bob was totally surprised but I think for many reasons. One, that we actually "made" the game for him but mainly because it is known that Bob and I are not the cornhole superstar that some of our friends are down here in the South. Although we have only had it since November, I feel we will move up in the ranks of cornhole very fast this spring and summer! Anyone want to go ahead and pose a challenge? Book your weekend now.

Stephanie's visit/ August 21, 2008

Stephanie, Bob's sis, came to visit in August! We had her out in the humidity at the pool and around town at night. We loved having her here and hope she returns soon.
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April and Jon Nodine's Wedding/ July 24, 2008

We ventured to Hamilton, Indiana in July 2008 for a fabulous party. We celebrated April Scott and Jon Nodine's marriage! Bob and I, Whitney and Ryan Mardis, Stephen and Sarah Clements, Kelly Crowe, Michele Barber, and Breagel all piled into a cozy little house on the lake. We certainly made the most of the weekend and look forward to visiting Lake Hamilton once again.
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