Sunday, March 29, 2009

Friday 13th! Will it be a boy or girl!

As most of you probably know, IT'S A GIRL! I am thrilled to announce our ultrasound onMarch Friday 13th went fabulous! We went in for the ultrasound and was able to see all her parts in action. The heart, brain, limbs, and even a smile! Sure enough, everything is right on schedule. She weighs about a pound is roughly 10 inches long. It was such a precious moment when the lady announced that our sweet little gummi bear baby was going to be a GIRL! Bob then projects, "Wow, we are going to have a wedding to host!", I loved the smile on his face and I will never forget it!

Bob and I celebrated over Dinner with my parents and nephew Baylen! I have pictures and videos that I hope to share with you! If all goes well, you will see her blowing bubbles and sucking thumbs:)

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