Friday, March 25, 2011

Harper's Surgery

After 10 ear infections, it was decided that Harper would go in for surgery to have tubes put in both ears, Tuesday the March 22nd. This was not a hard decision because my understanding is that it should help her and expire her frequent flyer status at the Pediatrician's office. The only thing I have wanted for her is to be well and I decided to put my faith into this choice that is would give her more comfort. My most fearful moment so far, as a parent, has came and went. The saddest was dropping her off at daycare for the first time..ugh, hated it! She did great and here is my mini play by play to help any parent that may be approaching the point of no return.
5:45 Sprung out of bed because I felt I would oversleep and kept waking up anyway.
6:22 Leave the house, all 3 Cieteks in tow. Harper was calling out "Mommy?!" until I would turn around and look at her. Of course each time I would look she would have a huge smile on her face.
6:45 By now, she is quite and sucking her thumb just relaxing in her car seat. Me.. I want to drink plenty of coffee but nothing so far. I decided if she doesn't get anything, neither do I. Ok, that's not true, I didn't drink anything because she would cry until I would give her something.
Bob is driving and mute.
7:00 Check in
7:25 Call us back and Harper meets 3 Docs, 4 Nurses, 1 new stuffed duck in a matter of 10-15 minutes......7 people, 7 waves, and 7 smiles...Doing good.
8:10 A very nice nurse brings back a red Radio Flyer wagon to give Harper some much needed distraction. It worked.
8:30 Dr Deaton, the surgeon, came in and away they went. One very resistant goodbye to Mommy and Daddy, I had never felt so helpless with tears filling both eyes as quickly as they whisked her away. I know she was in good hands but nothing can really prepare you for how you feel.
8:40 Get settled in waiting room and start writing these comments. I had about 1,000 positive thoughts flying from my mind to her heart. While drinking my much needed Cocoa Cappuccino and tearing open a Luna Bar, I began sifting through 4 different bags at my feet. Items spotted at at a glance; computer, blankets, sippy cups, lipstick, and work binders.
8:45 Called us back to recovery waiting. Half way through my Luna Bar and a couple sips of coffee, it appeared I probably didn't need even 3 of those bags.
8:57 Dr Deaton came out with a huge smile and of course good news, I finally took a deep breath. Bob was so good, he just kept watching me the whole time she was away from us.
9:04 Um, where is the person that says you can see her now.
9:15 Saw her sweet face. This picture above captured it perfectly.
9:23 In our car on the way home. All 3 Cieteks healthy and happy:)

Harper recovered so well we took the afternoon to enjoy the Nashville Zoo for the first time. It was the perfect day! Gorgeous weather, stress free, and a lot of fun with the 3 Cieteks in tow!!!

Grandparents Brunch

So these shoes show up in the mail and a few days later, so does Nana and Poppie for a Grandparents luncheon at Harper's school. Nana and I have been on a shopping spree for the little tike for Spring and these shoes are on the top of my favorite list. I love Livie and Luca, they make the most irresistible shoes for little ones. And I am secretly thrilled my Mom loves them as much as I. More pics to follow of goodies I am finding.

Nana and Poppie love being able to come down for things like this for Harper. They had a book fair at school and of course, Harper walked out with a couple in hand.
Reading books is truly Harper's favorite thing right now. She cannot get enough of it.
Diva In Training
Harper in her favorite hat. When I grab her coat and hat, she insists to put on the "Ouw" herself.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tunes and Tutus

Madeline Cecilia Crowe turned 3!!!! in February....yes, I told you I was a bit behind on blogging but I am quickly catching up. For those of you who don't know Madeline, she is one of my best friends daughter and quickly becoming one of Harper's best buddies. Harper loves to follow her around and watch everything she is doing and Madeline of course likes to tell her everything that she is touching is hers and wants to take it away from her. You know, the typical 18 months old versus a 3 year old relationship.

We had a blast at her party. Kelly rented a room in her clubhouse and filled it with balloons, pizza, an amazing cake from a very indulgent local bakery, girls girls girls, 2 boys:), and a Very Loud DJ! That's right, we were partying to a real live (high school dance loud) DJ. The kids loved it and the parents ate a lot of pizza and cake...
Party Attire....Check
Vintage Popcorn Machine......Check
Birthday Girl...Check

Like I said, parents eating birthday cake....of course this is typical Harper, trying to get all of my bites plus hers
It was a success, the birthday girl walked away with I don't know...maybe 10 new tutus, lots of dress up clothes and plenty of great memories and plans to do it all again next year!

In "MY" Shoes

Women and their shoes
Thought the ladies might find this video a bit nostalgic and showing men we get it honest!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Little Dogs Little People

My Mom (aka Nana) got a new little teeny tiny pup...2 pound Shorkie. His name is Buddy and he has been chewed up and spit out by our very own Harper Elle. She has taken up with this dog like he is her new favorite toy. We are still unclear if she really understands he is actually breathing and alive! Whenever Buddy is not in hand, Harper is running behind him yelling, "Baaaady Baaady." Quite hysterical and of course we always finish it up with, "poor Buddy, bless his heart."

My Dad mumbled under his breathe during this visit, "Harper, must be nice to have a real live animal to play with." And I think she really sees Buddy as a wind up doll or something. I seriously hope this is not a good indication if Harper gets a little brother or sister someday...the kid probably won't stand a chance!

Spring is here! We found this baby rabbit in our back yard right before the first big mowing of the season. I took Harper out for a quick peek but Peter Cottontail (that is what we have been reading lately) hippity hopped away... So sweet to see this baby animal but so sad to wonder if he will ever find his Mommy. Amazing how being a new parent turns me into a pile of mush sometimes:)
Teaching Harps how to blow the dandelions.

Harper is becoming a real independent little one. She loves the word NO and of course wants to do it all by herself. At the park, she seems fearless. Climbing all the way to the top slide only to go down and up again as fast as she can. The afternoon is such a magical time of the day...calming, a breath of fresh air, and sort of like a big family hug! We love taking her down to play and can't wait for the pool to open:) I know I know, I don't need to rush it. I just have all these cute bathing suits to put on her I can't stand it!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


AHH, February.....we received a bit of very unfortunate news. Moss has a degenerative spine disease and her back is in a lot of pain. We noticed some issues with her spine and after a couple days of favoring one leg and one morning she wouldn't eat or walk, we had to find out what was going on. The news is heartbreaking but the worst is not being able to take Moss out to fetch her ball. Her absolute favorite is so depressing but we are keeping her comfy and we are looking forward to Spring weather for a few walks a week to get her out and about. Harper keeps her great company inside, we just feel so bad for our little Mossie.
While I was gone to my annual sales meeting, Gee (Harper's name for Grandma) came down and hung out with her the whole week. She loved it and they had a blast of course. Eating meatballs and pizza, lots of rides in the stroller, and even a couple nights out on the town with Daddy and Gee. Bob said she absolutely loved it. I didn't Skype this time, but I definitely plan to my next trip. I think she can handle it now. Harper loves to Skype...she shares her food with Bob and Gee and tries to pet Buddy(my Mom's new 2 pound puppy) through Nana's computer. It is hysterical to watch her sometimes.

We headed to Naples for our meeting this year and ended up in the swamp in the middle of the Everglades! And I was so psyched to get on an airboat and fly through the swamp. It was so fun to see a few gators, a bald eagle and her nest, manatees, lots of cool birds, and my favorite ..mangrove! It is always hard to leave the little one, but this week was like a vacation. We only had half day meetings and fun adventures in the afternoon. The final evening we spent four hours in the goreous sun competiting against each other to build wagons for kids in camps nearby that their families are working on farms. It was wonderful and we got to meet two of the kids. We also donated food in each wagon, I think there were 15 Radio Flyer wagons donated with bags full of Nestle food! Ahh, you feel good and so do others. Excellent end to my week there.
These gals and I go back 4 1/2 years....all the way back to LA! We started Nestle together in our small 4 person training class. Now, there are at least 10 or more each class. We have way to much fun together, we basically act like a bunch of school girls when we see each other. Who else would you climb into a tub with fully clothed. Can you believe how big my tub was in my room...I told you it felt like vacation.

My girls Carol and Kathryn, I will miss you until we see each other again next year:)

Last weekend of February was so wonderful

Harper realized she loved to swing.
Nothing like this little smile to make your world go round.
Daddy and Poppie playing with Harper Elle on the slides. She absolutely loves the park now.
Poppie takes his sweet time with his precious little one soaking in lots of wonderful moments

Photo Fun Day in January

Best way to get a few pics with a toddler! Sarah Gilliam is awesome, she offers these Photo Fun Days and for 20 minutes, $50, you get 12 photos! Loved it, and so easy!

January in Kentucky

We headed up to Kentucky for a weekend with friends and it was totally worth it! I scored lunch with my college besties, pedicures, AND shopping ( just the girls) along with a ton of fun with the kids! They played so hard and so well together, all I could think about is I wished we lived closer!
Harper and Stella
Lucy and Harper

John Riley and Harper, she LOVES him:) Can't you tell...

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