Friday, March 25, 2011

Harper's Surgery

After 10 ear infections, it was decided that Harper would go in for surgery to have tubes put in both ears, Tuesday the March 22nd. This was not a hard decision because my understanding is that it should help her and expire her frequent flyer status at the Pediatrician's office. The only thing I have wanted for her is to be well and I decided to put my faith into this choice that is would give her more comfort. My most fearful moment so far, as a parent, has came and went. The saddest was dropping her off at daycare for the first time..ugh, hated it! She did great and here is my mini play by play to help any parent that may be approaching the point of no return.
5:45 Sprung out of bed because I felt I would oversleep and kept waking up anyway.
6:22 Leave the house, all 3 Cieteks in tow. Harper was calling out "Mommy?!" until I would turn around and look at her. Of course each time I would look she would have a huge smile on her face.
6:45 By now, she is quite and sucking her thumb just relaxing in her car seat. Me.. I want to drink plenty of coffee but nothing so far. I decided if she doesn't get anything, neither do I. Ok, that's not true, I didn't drink anything because she would cry until I would give her something.
Bob is driving and mute.
7:00 Check in
7:25 Call us back and Harper meets 3 Docs, 4 Nurses, 1 new stuffed duck in a matter of 10-15 minutes......7 people, 7 waves, and 7 smiles...Doing good.
8:10 A very nice nurse brings back a red Radio Flyer wagon to give Harper some much needed distraction. It worked.
8:30 Dr Deaton, the surgeon, came in and away they went. One very resistant goodbye to Mommy and Daddy, I had never felt so helpless with tears filling both eyes as quickly as they whisked her away. I know she was in good hands but nothing can really prepare you for how you feel.
8:40 Get settled in waiting room and start writing these comments. I had about 1,000 positive thoughts flying from my mind to her heart. While drinking my much needed Cocoa Cappuccino and tearing open a Luna Bar, I began sifting through 4 different bags at my feet. Items spotted at at a glance; computer, blankets, sippy cups, lipstick, and work binders.
8:45 Called us back to recovery waiting. Half way through my Luna Bar and a couple sips of coffee, it appeared I probably didn't need even 3 of those bags.
8:57 Dr Deaton came out with a huge smile and of course good news, I finally took a deep breath. Bob was so good, he just kept watching me the whole time she was away from us.
9:04 Um, where is the person that says you can see her now.
9:15 Saw her sweet face. This picture above captured it perfectly.
9:23 In our car on the way home. All 3 Cieteks healthy and happy:)

Harper recovered so well we took the afternoon to enjoy the Nashville Zoo for the first time. It was the perfect day! Gorgeous weather, stress free, and a lot of fun with the 3 Cieteks in tow!!!

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  1. I'm SO glad she pulled through it so well!! What a trooper!! And way to hang in there Jess! I know it was 10 times rougher on you than it was on Harper ;)


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