Sunday, March 20, 2011

Little Dogs Little People

My Mom (aka Nana) got a new little teeny tiny pup...2 pound Shorkie. His name is Buddy and he has been chewed up and spit out by our very own Harper Elle. She has taken up with this dog like he is her new favorite toy. We are still unclear if she really understands he is actually breathing and alive! Whenever Buddy is not in hand, Harper is running behind him yelling, "Baaaady Baaady." Quite hysterical and of course we always finish it up with, "poor Buddy, bless his heart."

My Dad mumbled under his breathe during this visit, "Harper, must be nice to have a real live animal to play with." And I think she really sees Buddy as a wind up doll or something. I seriously hope this is not a good indication if Harper gets a little brother or sister someday...the kid probably won't stand a chance!

Spring is here! We found this baby rabbit in our back yard right before the first big mowing of the season. I took Harper out for a quick peek but Peter Cottontail (that is what we have been reading lately) hippity hopped away... So sweet to see this baby animal but so sad to wonder if he will ever find his Mommy. Amazing how being a new parent turns me into a pile of mush sometimes:)
Teaching Harps how to blow the dandelions.

Harper is becoming a real independent little one. She loves the word NO and of course wants to do it all by herself. At the park, she seems fearless. Climbing all the way to the top slide only to go down and up again as fast as she can. The afternoon is such a magical time of the day...calming, a breath of fresh air, and sort of like a big family hug! We love taking her down to play and can't wait for the pool to open:) I know I know, I don't need to rush it. I just have all these cute bathing suits to put on her I can't stand it!

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  1. I'm so glad you're blogging again! Missed reading it! And I'm LOVING the pictures!! Your baby girl is growing up so fast Jess!


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