Sunday, March 13, 2011


AHH, February.....we received a bit of very unfortunate news. Moss has a degenerative spine disease and her back is in a lot of pain. We noticed some issues with her spine and after a couple days of favoring one leg and one morning she wouldn't eat or walk, we had to find out what was going on. The news is heartbreaking but the worst is not being able to take Moss out to fetch her ball. Her absolute favorite is so depressing but we are keeping her comfy and we are looking forward to Spring weather for a few walks a week to get her out and about. Harper keeps her great company inside, we just feel so bad for our little Mossie.
While I was gone to my annual sales meeting, Gee (Harper's name for Grandma) came down and hung out with her the whole week. She loved it and they had a blast of course. Eating meatballs and pizza, lots of rides in the stroller, and even a couple nights out on the town with Daddy and Gee. Bob said she absolutely loved it. I didn't Skype this time, but I definitely plan to my next trip. I think she can handle it now. Harper loves to Skype...she shares her food with Bob and Gee and tries to pet Buddy(my Mom's new 2 pound puppy) through Nana's computer. It is hysterical to watch her sometimes.

We headed to Naples for our meeting this year and ended up in the swamp in the middle of the Everglades! And I was so psyched to get on an airboat and fly through the swamp. It was so fun to see a few gators, a bald eagle and her nest, manatees, lots of cool birds, and my favorite ..mangrove! It is always hard to leave the little one, but this week was like a vacation. We only had half day meetings and fun adventures in the afternoon. The final evening we spent four hours in the goreous sun competiting against each other to build wagons for kids in camps nearby that their families are working on farms. It was wonderful and we got to meet two of the kids. We also donated food in each wagon, I think there were 15 Radio Flyer wagons donated with bags full of Nestle food! Ahh, you feel good and so do others. Excellent end to my week there.
These gals and I go back 4 1/2 years....all the way back to LA! We started Nestle together in our small 4 person training class. Now, there are at least 10 or more each class. We have way to much fun together, we basically act like a bunch of school girls when we see each other. Who else would you climb into a tub with fully clothed. Can you believe how big my tub was in my room...I told you it felt like vacation.

My girls Carol and Kathryn, I will miss you until we see each other again next year:)

Last weekend of February was so wonderful

Harper realized she loved to swing.
Nothing like this little smile to make your world go round.
Daddy and Poppie playing with Harper Elle on the slides. She absolutely loves the park now.
Poppie takes his sweet time with his precious little one soaking in lots of wonderful moments


  1. Jess, This blog is so good, its bad about poor Moss, isn't it, she loves to run soooooooooooo much.Love Harper in her cheerleading outfit!

  2. THANKS!! Who is commenting? All I can see is anonymous!


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