Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Milestone Memories

Something happened to me this week I will never forget. We have begun to teach Harper "kisses" which means Daddy kisses Mommy first and then Harper opens her extra generous mouth God gave her and gives sloppy sloppy kisses to Daddy and Mommy. Also, the last week I have really been making a big deal about the hug and she hugs me back. Well my precious girl this week hugged me so tenderly and genuine and before I pulled away she did and planted a huge sloppy sloppy kiss right on Mommy. It hugged my heart that my little sweetie was telling me she loved me! Ahhhh, tell me it just keeps getting better....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Farmer's Market Saturday

Harper Elle and I had a great time at the Farmer's Market this weekend. I know she doesn't look to happy but she loved seeing all the people and doggies that were just her height. I love how sweaty she was and this is pretty much the look she gives all strangers. Although only a few minutes later she will be their best bud. A little bit of Daddy and a little bit of Mommy for sure.
I have been roasting veggies like wild fire. Anything I see, I grill it, saute it, or actually roast it in the oven. This is what happened to the veggies I bought earlier in the week and the Fairytale Eggplant is to die for! Literally all you do is cut the ends off, slice it in half, and grill baby grill.
This is one of the lovely stands at the Farmer's Market. I walk by most stands getting to know the farmers and a little about their farms. Fishing for secrets and actually dreaming some day I may be on the other side selling something of my own. WHAT? I'm sure you are thinking... I don't know, but at this point I have babies, organic, local, and of course gourmet on the brain. The only thing is, I cannot hold up my end of the gardening for one household at this point, let alone one to produce a business of some sort. That is why I love the word dream so much. It can stay that perfect little thing inside your head as long as you need it to.

As for the rest of the weekend, lots of pool time for Harper. She is such a water baby, absolutely loves it. Lays her head back in the water, kicks her legs and arms, jumps from one person to the next, and splashes with the big kids. We are heading to Florida this weekend and I can't wait to get her in the ocean!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I had this silhouette made of Harper this weekend by Tim Arnold. Tim Arnold was hosted by Little Star in Franklin and he was amazing. He cut this silhouette in less than 10 minutes! He is known as "The Silhouette Man", is recommended by the Smithsonian, and is considered America's Most collected silhouette artist.

I adore this little treasure and cannot wait to find a special frame and home. Check out his tour schedule at

Finds at the Farmer's Market

So thrilled with my goodies from the Farmer's Market Nashville. Don't get me wrong, I love my Franklin Farmer's Market but the one downtown has those extra special finds.

Fairytale eggplant, yum. Tiny little eggplants sliced and grilled. Patty Pan squash, it's just fun to say...doesn't it make you smile. Butter Stick squash, it's so gorgeous. And Eight Ball zucchini, waiting for the inside to be scooped out and stuffed with whatever sounds good.

We are going to be chowing this week, I can't wait to see which one will be Harper's fav. Who am I kidding, she will probably love it all:) Stay tuned for recipes.
Blackberry Pie, here I come!

Father's Day

Bob's first Father's Day was a hit. I made a really special book of a collection of pictures of he and Harper Elle. He loved it along with a few other special items.
It is so special to see the two of them together. It's like a little mini Bob in a sweet feminine package. Being a father brings out the most vulnerable side of him and allows him to be so silly at the same time. I have to say it looks damn good on him!
Being a parent is the most wonderful and hardest job I have ever experienced. I love you honey, you are doing a fabulous job!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Life as I know it is flying by.....

My little girl is growing faster than I ever imagined, work is piling up, my garden is so thirsty, and my dog wonders when the next time she is going to get an actual walk and not just around the block.
Harper Elle is on the move and it is full speed ahead. She loves to get into all the fun stuff she shouldn't! Her facial expressions are to die for. The blinking of the eyes are for "putting on" while eating or cutting up with whoever, the pout is coming out more and more but mainly after naps and hungry hungry time, and finally "KISSES" is for giving fabulous sloppy wet kisses to Mommy and Daddy.
Nana bought her this pool and she loves the water. Kicking and paddling the arms are a clear sign she is a water baby in the little and big girl pool. She's saying "Momma" and "Dadda", "All Done" after anything because she is so proud), and today Bob told me when she sees the cat at Nana's she says "at."
My favorite lately is whenever I pick her up, she holds onto the back of my arm and when I get really lucky she starts patting my back. She adores Moss and Moss adores her. They romp around together and I think Moss is so glad to have a sister that shares all her leftovers.....I admit it is so against my grain but it beats cleaning up the mess. This little one is my world and I find myself spending more time with her versus anything!

Pretty Princess

Tomboy Baby

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The First Garden Harvest

So I am able to finally enjoy the fruits of my labor. I have barely put any labor into this garden so far but the beautiful thing is, the plants still grow! I didn't understand my commitment with the timing of a 9 month old.

I have whipped up a couple salads with arugula and goat cheese. I cannot get over how amazing the fresh arugula is compared to the stuff in a bag at the store. The store bought kind is probably not even the real thing! Grilled onions on burgers, oven fried parmesan potatoes and lots o broccoli for the babe. It is her favorite just like Mom.

It's amazing to think sometimes that I will just drive over to the garden versus going to store. I love it and wish I could do this all year long. Oh I can, if I move to California! Wonder what my family will think of that idea.....? Let's see if they post their thoughts.

Memorial Day

(LtoR: John Riley Kaufman, Harper Elle, Lucy Kaufman, Whitney and William Barber)

This is what life is truly all about. Memorial Day weekend was filled with tons of smiles, sunbathing, relaxing, activities, movies, and fabulous friends! Bob and I hosted friends from Louisville for the weekend. The Kaufmans and Barbers came in on Saturday and returned home on Monday. We had a blast with the kids and a little adult fun after the kiddies were tucked in bed.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Visiting Nana: May 22nd

Tales from Stephan

My long time college buddy Sarah sent this email one morning to our close college girlfriends in hopes of sharing a "real" Mom story. Little did she know I would have to share it with all of you. I'm sure anyone will appreciate this story, just for the pure belly laugh it demands.

From the Tales of Sarah Clements (aka: Stephan)

I have to share the story of my morning with you because I know that if anyone can relate to it, it is each of you. Plus, we can all use a good laugh and this story will provide you with the opportunity.

It all began with forgetting Sam’s school bag and went downhill from there - we are in the middle of getting both of our vehicles repaired and I had to switch them out this morning (in the pouring rain). As I was putting Stella in the other car trying to keep both of us as dry as possible, I realized the car seat base was not properly installed (my wonderful husband disconnected it and neglected to put it back together L). After 30 minutes of wrestling with the base which is still not properly connected, I realized that the child safety lock for the back seat was enabled and I couldn’t get out of the car to get to the driver’s seat.

By this time, Stella was whaling, the car was totally fogged up and I was at a loss. Then I thought, I’ll just call the mechanic and have him come open the door but I felt guilty because it was raining. Regardless of my guilt, that idea was quickly thrown out the window because my purse with my phone was in the front seat and I couldn’t reach it. Finally, I removed the headrest from the passenger’s seat and climbed over – thank god I’m not pregnant or 10 lbs heavier because my fat ass barely made it between the top if the seat and the ceiling of the car! One hour and 30 minutes after I left the house, I finally walked into the office and to top it all off I was soaking wet and late for a staff meeting at 9am!!! As I have said before, I’m just LIVIN’ THE DREAM……

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow morning is better!!

PS: Apparently, because the base is installed in the middle of the back seat it has to be done differently - the latch system is not used but instead the seat belt. I, unfortunately did not know this which is why it was such a struggle. The best part of this epiphany is that the belt buckle for Stella’s seat is right next to the belt buckle for Sam’s seat, so Sam is the guilty party not Stephen!!! Sam accidently unbuckled Stella’s belt instead of his own which he didn’t tell either of us. So I struggled with the seat for no reason and could have just re-buckled the belt and all would have been good. This is definitely going in the books as one of life’s important lessons – TO ENSURE THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN, ALL MOMS MUST LEARN HOW TO USE THE CAR SEATS AND NOT RELY ON OUR HUSBANDS!!!

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