Saturday, June 12, 2010

The First Garden Harvest

So I am able to finally enjoy the fruits of my labor. I have barely put any labor into this garden so far but the beautiful thing is, the plants still grow! I didn't understand my commitment with the timing of a 9 month old.

I have whipped up a couple salads with arugula and goat cheese. I cannot get over how amazing the fresh arugula is compared to the stuff in a bag at the store. The store bought kind is probably not even the real thing! Grilled onions on burgers, oven fried parmesan potatoes and lots o broccoli for the babe. It is her favorite just like Mom.

It's amazing to think sometimes that I will just drive over to the garden versus going to store. I love it and wish I could do this all year long. Oh I can, if I move to California! Wonder what my family will think of that idea.....? Let's see if they post their thoughts.

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