Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tales from Stephan

My long time college buddy Sarah sent this email one morning to our close college girlfriends in hopes of sharing a "real" Mom story. Little did she know I would have to share it with all of you. I'm sure anyone will appreciate this story, just for the pure belly laugh it demands.

From the Tales of Sarah Clements (aka: Stephan)

I have to share the story of my morning with you because I know that if anyone can relate to it, it is each of you. Plus, we can all use a good laugh and this story will provide you with the opportunity.

It all began with forgetting Sam’s school bag and went downhill from there - we are in the middle of getting both of our vehicles repaired and I had to switch them out this morning (in the pouring rain). As I was putting Stella in the other car trying to keep both of us as dry as possible, I realized the car seat base was not properly installed (my wonderful husband disconnected it and neglected to put it back together L). After 30 minutes of wrestling with the base which is still not properly connected, I realized that the child safety lock for the back seat was enabled and I couldn’t get out of the car to get to the driver’s seat.

By this time, Stella was whaling, the car was totally fogged up and I was at a loss. Then I thought, I’ll just call the mechanic and have him come open the door but I felt guilty because it was raining. Regardless of my guilt, that idea was quickly thrown out the window because my purse with my phone was in the front seat and I couldn’t reach it. Finally, I removed the headrest from the passenger’s seat and climbed over – thank god I’m not pregnant or 10 lbs heavier because my fat ass barely made it between the top if the seat and the ceiling of the car! One hour and 30 minutes after I left the house, I finally walked into the office and to top it all off I was soaking wet and late for a staff meeting at 9am!!! As I have said before, I’m just LIVIN’ THE DREAM……

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow morning is better!!

PS: Apparently, because the base is installed in the middle of the back seat it has to be done differently - the latch system is not used but instead the seat belt. I, unfortunately did not know this which is why it was such a struggle. The best part of this epiphany is that the belt buckle for Stella’s seat is right next to the belt buckle for Sam’s seat, so Sam is the guilty party not Stephen!!! Sam accidently unbuckled Stella’s belt instead of his own which he didn’t tell either of us. So I struggled with the seat for no reason and could have just re-buckled the belt and all would have been good. This is definitely going in the books as one of life’s important lessons – TO ENSURE THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN, ALL MOMS MUST LEARN HOW TO USE THE CAR SEATS AND NOT RELY ON OUR HUSBANDS!!!

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