Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Garden pics

This is my new garden tote Bob bought for me for our anniversary. I adore how clean and organized it is now, but by the end of summer it should be broken in. I actually didn't realize how much work I can get done with the right tools, I have always worked with a hand shovel and one other tool that basically makes a small hole in the ground. Having all these tools I feel so fancy gardening, maybe I will "look" like I know what I'm doing:)
I have eaten the lettuce and arugula and it is so so yummy. The broccoli is almost ready, with the onions and potatoes not far behind. It's so fun just to experiment and see things growing and how it all works. The man that made this possible is a guy in our community that has worked and prepared over 90 garden plots for people in Thompson's Station to have a garden at no charge! I can't imagine why most people would not want to take advantage, I hope it keeps growing each year!
If any of you fellow gardeners have any good books, websites, or blogs that you think I would like, please send them my way! Happy Gardening.

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  1. Love, love, love the garden pics. We have tomatoes and lima beans in big pots! You will love it once Harper can get involved. Kate helped my stepdad Bob plant their entire garden last night. She loved every minute of it and went to check on it twice this morning when we woke up. Too cute!

    Have a good week. I hate that I missed you in Lexington on Saturday. Let's plan a get together here. I will call you about it!


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