Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Proud Mom is Speechless

My Best Girl

Tonight was the cap to a very very fulfilling long weekend with Harper. Parenting is "the" most difficult thing I have ever done....nothing has ever pushed me like being a parent. The last couple weeks, she has really blossomed and become my best best buddy. I mean she has always been but I think she actually realizes she is now:)

Just the two of us went out for Dinner tonight, and we ordered our usual one dish to split. We were at this delicious new spot in Franklin, Riff's, that is a throwback to an old hamburger and fry joint. It features these local beef irresistable cheeseburgers, "skinny fries", fried okra, cantalope...you know, the perfect well balanced meal. I let Harper pick out the table, her own booster, and away we dug in. She was minding her manners, I was making sure to get my stash of the "skinny" fries, and I almost forgot to order the sick Daddy's meal to go. I stand up and walk over to the counter to quickly order a burger to go and as I look back to check on Harper, there is my adorable well mannered chunky monkey little girl finishing a huge bite of something and gently removing her napkin from under her fork to gently wipe her mouth. Her "gentle" is a quick blot smear but she has come such a long way. It really made me feel something that I struggle to put into words. I will give it a shot though....

It's like you work so hard to constantly teach and guide them without being an annoying helicopter and trying to have a lot (not a little) fun while you are doing it. And just when you least expect it, the words escape you....this enormous smile overwhelms your face...and no one around you has any idea what you are feeling. So I guess the word for it is PROUD but I'm absolutely certain I never knew what that word really ever meant.

I try not to go on and on with the one liner updates that makes Harper who she is because what a snoozeville to everyone with a kid or without a kid! But sometimes, you have to share some things that make you feel so so good. Even though I have no picture or video, I will never forget this night or the look on her face. Loving this little girl makes my world go round!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ice Cream and Cake, Ribbons and Rody, Harper Elle Turned 2

Harper Elle's 2nd birthday was a blast. A few guests, ice cream and cake...simple and special is what we were going for and I think it was just that. Harper was a little taken back at first but after she opened her first and I think favorite gift...Rody (an inflatable pink donkey dog looking toy that you sit and jump around on)...she quickly realized how fun opening gifts was and believe me there were plenty. You should hear her say Rody's name..hilarious..but even better that she wants to take him with her wherever she goes. Nevermind the fact he is almost as big as she is!

Everyone showered her with toys, clothes, books, movies, jewelry, hair bows, well just about anything a 2 year old would want. Her Daddy bought her the easel signed by his truly, sooo sweet I thought. I do love spoiling her but the best part about all the planning and decorating is that we are truly celebrating her and the people in her life. I wish I could have EVERYONE every year but MOST people do not even enjoying kids birthdays and probably wonder why I am such a fanatic. I don't know....call me a party lover or just an excuse to decorate:) A gracious and generous THANKS to everyone!

My friends Angela and Will (Baby Henry's lucky parents) came and worked their magic! They captured it all and then some with their candyland of lenses. A XXL thanks to them. I hope you enjoy the shots as much as we enjoyed party.

Harper was so happy her E Lee, Steve, Benjanin, and Baylen were here for the weekend/party! This is my sister and her family and they adore her right back. They spoiled her of course with the cutest shirts you have ever seen (you will see in a later blog post) and "The" COZY COUPE. Apparently all kids have one of these either at home, at DayCare, Grandma's...somewhere! And as soon as you see it, you are like, "Oh Yeah, I remember that." Well, let me tell you, Harper Elle got the "Deluxe" version of course and she LOVES it!

The Cake, the Cake, the delicious delicious Strawberry Cake. I ordered Harper a small decadent strawberry cake that was just sinful! Thank goodness I ordered the Medium because there wasn't a crumb left, the Ice Cream Party received 2nd Runner Up to the Cake...I still have Ice Cream and Gelato in my freezer. The Flour Shoppe is the proud owner of the recipe and skill it takes to pull off such as amazing cake. I am going on and on about because it is that good! And nothing but the best for Harper...she had 2 pieces! I suppose I was okay with that considering you couldn't miss that it was the entire THEME of the party:)

Angela took a couple extra minutes after the party so my family and I could update the family photo! Guess who was excited about this photo shoot???? Only the people that own a camera, inists on 3 back up pictures of the same shot, and have to apply makeup everyday. Yes, the women are the instigators but it is always worth it in the end. LOVE them Ang and can't imagine a more picture perfect day!

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