Sunday, September 26, 2010

Harper Elle 13 months

Her first braid, and I can't even take credit. I picked her up from school one day and found this sweet braid added to her piggies. I loved it and love the fact her teachers are just hanging with her during the day braiding her hair.
Baby signs really work! I sort of questioned this whole concept but it seemed overnight Harper started picking up on sign after sign. She signs "eat" "more" "milk" "all done" and now when I'm busy cooking while she is eating she starts signing "please." As if to say, "Mom, you told me not to scream so I will rub my belly until you look at me." Rubbing the belly in a circle means "please" and she rubs it up and down. So darn cute. Notice most of her signs are around eating, of course it is for 24! That is what I also like calling her, all 24 pounds of my sweet spoiled rotten angel;-)

The "outside" sign has become a bit tricky, meaning when she does it I have to decide to take her out right away or not. I usually do for a minute to help encourage her use of the sign, but since she loves going outside, I have to watch it.

The biting has slowed down and now she has started to hug and kiss friends a lot more. Now she is growing so big, she wags a purse or something that resembles one and Moss' leash and collar around mimicking Mom! It is quite ridiculous really, seeing her try to put bags on her shoulder twice the size of herself. So guess what she is getting for Christmas, monogrammed purses from Nana and Auntie Annie!

Harper is eating everything, literally, sits on everything, and is already trying on Mom's shoes. Not sure if she will be the next Sammy Davis Jr, but the girl likes to get down. She hops and bops to any kind of music and has also discovered cartoons.

Jump Zone

Jump Zone? I didn't even really realize what all Jump Zone was about until last week! The Academy, Harper's school, hosted Jump Zone night for all their families. I assumed she couldn't go because she is wee little and apparently I was wrong. We went with out Daddy, who was very sad to be away for this experience, and she actually had a blast. The first picture was literally her perception, a bit scary I would say. She slowly eased into it and finally starting bouncing with reckless abandon. HYSTERICAL really, I just loved the part when she got into the kiddie jumper and sat there with her hand on her knee staring at the crazy kids jumping everywhere!

PS: I couldn't jump with her because I didn't bring any socks. Shows you how much I know about Jump Zone...

Grandparents Day and Family Reunion

Nana and Poppie had a fabulous time with Harper Elle the weekend of September 10th. I had a baby shower to host and my Mom wanted Harper to come to the family reunion, so that meant, Bob and I had a weekend to ourselves and little Miss Harper took a road trip to KY! A few shots of her becoming one of the gang at cornhole and of course my Dad feeding her bad bad things;) Actually it was my Aunt's chocolate pie and that makes me very jealous. You just don't understand how good this pie is, the taste still lingers in my mouth and I haven't had a bite in years!!

Nana drove down from KY to hang with Harper Elle on Grandparents Day. I didn't even know there was a national day to celebrate Grandparents, but I'm glad there is! G-parents are the best and they loved their spaghetti lunch!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shower Moments

Super Zuill
Every boy needs a wagon.
Flowers from my garden

Natti bites from Natti Cakes in Franklin
Project table

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's a Party for Henry William Zuill, well almost....

Angela Bowden, 35 weeks preggers

Angela Bowden and Will Zuill cannot wait to welcome their little Henry, so to pass the time, we (my neighborhood girls Anne and Lisa and I) had a big party and showered them with loads of goodies. There are enough goods to keep them busy organizing, washing, and tinkering with for the next couple weeks. After that, it will be dishes of lasagnas, casseroles, and other stuff you make for new parents to stock their fridge after welcoming home Mr. Henry William Zuill.
In lieu of the traditional baby games, we had a little project that turned into a big hit! We customized enough onesies and burp clothes to stock their entire nursery. And we had WAY to much fun. Ang and Will LOVED them and how could you not, the creativity was flying high!
My sis, Lee Ann, started a company named in memory of her third born, The Ella Grayson Company. She makes these amazing diaper cakes and burp clothes. This cake was a huge hit and inevitably someone always thinks it's a real cake. The colors match Henry's nursery perfectly and Angela adored it.
Just a "few" of the onesies, I just adore these gifts and can't wait to see little Henry toddling around in his funky, cheeky shirts.
Angela and Will, such proud parents to be

Check out the post from Angela's blog for more shower pictures, really, you will want to have a baby just looking at these pictures!

Labor Day photos cont

Labor Day Weekend

This is what we were doing on Labor Day weekend! Relaxing with friends and getting some crazy good shots of our "spoiled rotten angel." That's my newest name for Harper Elle.

These shots are taken by our buddies Will Zuill and Angela Bowden. They are so talented and have such a great eye and asked us if we would let them practice on us for a photo day! UM, gosh, I wasn't sure how to respond so I just said okay, just this once! Yeah right, the princess of taking photos...because my Mom definitely holds the Queen title in my family.... said yes please may I have another. And we are so glad we did. See for yourself.
In this shot, Harper was standing about an inch from Will's camera just staring at him.
Will says this was a raw shot for him, no editing. I adore it.
We say thank you so much Will and Angela.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Harper's Baptism

What a chain of events we had on the morning of the 29th of August. Harper woke up bright and early to make sure she wasn't missing anything have both sets of grandparents underneath one roof. Also, a Great Aunt they spoils her rotten as well. We had a nice morning and Harper went down for her morning nap. The rest of us raced around to get ready and get out the door for the 9:30 event. I had already texted Kelly and Brian (godparents and long time friends of ours) to be there at 9:00. It wasn't mean, I had to if I wanted them there in time for the Baptism at 9:30:)

After we arrived at the church, we were doing okay but then we had to wait and wait and wait. Well, let's just say, when Harper is woken up from her nap and not fed, mostly likely a meltdown is a sure thing. And Mom unfortunately is always right!

Although Harper wasn't very happy, it was such a special morning for Bob and I. Just seeing our parents and close friends there to support Harper made it complete. We went to Brunch at Cafe Margot and "chowed" down. And so did Harper, after that, as good as gold.

Thanks to everyone, you are so appreciated and loved!

Godparents: Kelly Crowe and Brian Breagel
My parents: Larry (Poppie) and Audrey (Nana) Terry
Bob's Mom and Aunt: Aunt Monique and Bernice"Grandma" Cietek

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