Saturday, September 4, 2010

Harper's Baptism

What a chain of events we had on the morning of the 29th of August. Harper woke up bright and early to make sure she wasn't missing anything have both sets of grandparents underneath one roof. Also, a Great Aunt they spoils her rotten as well. We had a nice morning and Harper went down for her morning nap. The rest of us raced around to get ready and get out the door for the 9:30 event. I had already texted Kelly and Brian (godparents and long time friends of ours) to be there at 9:00. It wasn't mean, I had to if I wanted them there in time for the Baptism at 9:30:)

After we arrived at the church, we were doing okay but then we had to wait and wait and wait. Well, let's just say, when Harper is woken up from her nap and not fed, mostly likely a meltdown is a sure thing. And Mom unfortunately is always right!

Although Harper wasn't very happy, it was such a special morning for Bob and I. Just seeing our parents and close friends there to support Harper made it complete. We went to Brunch at Cafe Margot and "chowed" down. And so did Harper, after that, as good as gold.

Thanks to everyone, you are so appreciated and loved!

Godparents: Kelly Crowe and Brian Breagel
My parents: Larry (Poppie) and Audrey (Nana) Terry
Bob's Mom and Aunt: Aunt Monique and Bernice"Grandma" Cietek

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