Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

This is what we were doing on Labor Day weekend! Relaxing with friends and getting some crazy good shots of our "spoiled rotten angel." That's my newest name for Harper Elle.

These shots are taken by our buddies Will Zuill and Angela Bowden. They are so talented and have such a great eye and asked us if we would let them practice on us for a photo day! UM, gosh, I wasn't sure how to respond so I just said okay, just this once! Yeah right, the princess of taking photos...because my Mom definitely holds the Queen title in my family.... said yes please may I have another. And we are so glad we did. See for yourself.
In this shot, Harper was standing about an inch from Will's camera just staring at him.
Will says this was a raw shot for him, no editing. I adore it.
We say thank you so much Will and Angela.

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  1. We had SO much fun spending the afternoon with you guys!! Y'all are great for practicing :)


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