Sunday, September 26, 2010

Harper Elle 13 months

Her first braid, and I can't even take credit. I picked her up from school one day and found this sweet braid added to her piggies. I loved it and love the fact her teachers are just hanging with her during the day braiding her hair.
Baby signs really work! I sort of questioned this whole concept but it seemed overnight Harper started picking up on sign after sign. She signs "eat" "more" "milk" "all done" and now when I'm busy cooking while she is eating she starts signing "please." As if to say, "Mom, you told me not to scream so I will rub my belly until you look at me." Rubbing the belly in a circle means "please" and she rubs it up and down. So darn cute. Notice most of her signs are around eating, of course it is for 24! That is what I also like calling her, all 24 pounds of my sweet spoiled rotten angel;-)

The "outside" sign has become a bit tricky, meaning when she does it I have to decide to take her out right away or not. I usually do for a minute to help encourage her use of the sign, but since she loves going outside, I have to watch it.

The biting has slowed down and now she has started to hug and kiss friends a lot more. Now she is growing so big, she wags a purse or something that resembles one and Moss' leash and collar around mimicking Mom! It is quite ridiculous really, seeing her try to put bags on her shoulder twice the size of herself. So guess what she is getting for Christmas, monogrammed purses from Nana and Auntie Annie!

Harper is eating everything, literally, sits on everything, and is already trying on Mom's shoes. Not sure if she will be the next Sammy Davis Jr, but the girl likes to get down. She hops and bops to any kind of music and has also discovered cartoons.

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