Saturday, June 9, 2012



Spring has turned into one of my favorite times of the year.  You come out of hibernation and wake everything up!

Harper and her babysitter, Ms. Brianna, broke out and built a cardboard house.
Can you find Harper?

Thanks to Taneia, Harper had the pleasure of preparing for Easter and "The Bunny Easter" as she called the Easter Bunny!

Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny came to see Harper at E Lee's (my sister Lee Ann) house this year!  We died eggs and went on a huge egg hunt in Kentucky.  Unfortunately, Harper only found 1 egg in the middle of thousands!  She was too busy being distracted by Bunny Easters dressed up in costumes and scaring her half to death.  She is not a fan of large animated thingys!
Luckily, she loved her Easter basket....chocked full of plants for her new garden!

An Evening with Auntie Kell and Maaadelin!
Auntie Kell and Madeline invited us over for an evening in their neighborhood. 

What an evening it turned out to be.
After waiting and waiting in line at the shaved ice truck, finding a moment to hang out and have a conversation with my friend, keeping an eye on the kids run through loads of people.....we decided it might me a good idea to feed them a real Dinner instead of the cup full of sugar that they could not resist.
Kelly decides to wrangle the kids and I turn to grab my purse, as I turn back I see this sad, frightened Harper running toward me.  She has this look in her eye I'm not sure I had ever seen before.  She appeared to be a little hysterical and really really cranky.  I scooped her up and decided to get some food in her belly and realized shortly the child was in real pain.  
Turns out, her elbow was popped out of place when she was "swinging" with Auntie Kell.  
After a trip to the Pediatrician, they popped it back in place and headed straight to breakfast.
Harper returned to her charismatic self and my anxiety level dropped back onto the charts:)

We Have Our Own BackYard Garden

It speaks for itself.
New, Fresh, Simple
We have our own offical backyard garden and we planted an array of fruits, veggies, herbs, and flowers! 



Who can resist a birthday party?  Especially one with a cake like this, walking the runway in tutu's, and having your hair and makeup suited for a princess.

Madeline, on the left, turned 4!  Kelly, her mom, and I became fast friends in college and hope that our daughters will do the same.  Harper is obsessed with "Maaaadelin" and often asks to see her.  Her birthday was a huge it and the cake was even better than it looked.

Speaking of college friends....

My college crew came to Nashville in March and made my day!  There are too many stories in our closets that would never make this page and should never be printed but the ones I can share with you will always involve a few words noted here.

Kentucky     Cocktails     Dip    Real Women   Laughter

I must admit, the combination can be quite lethal.   
These women know fun with reckless abandon like no other.  I am lucky to have found them and even happier to have them in my life now.

(Whitney, Michelle, Sarah, Jennifer, Kelly, and me)

Two of my favorite sights.....

New Orleans
Final Four

Bob and I were so lucky to go to NOLA to see The CATS win it all.
I fell in LOVE with this city...the food was amazing, the people are so eclectic, and the architecture was overwhelmingly beautiful.  We had a much needed get away and found ourselves as The NCAA Champions.  My whole life was surrounded by UK basketball and it was so exciting to be celebrating their WIN in such an amazing city.

My favorites were anything Emeril, Cafe O'le's, and the seductive, alive feeling you feel in this city.
I could go on and on and on about the food but you must find out for yourself.
I am already planning to return in October!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Grammie and Aunt Mo come to visit with Harper

Grammie and Aunt Mo love coming to see Harper Elle and positively relish in the art of helping her "prepare" to become a little darling girl.  They get to come down while I am out of town for work and it works quite well for her to get extra extra spoiled:)

Plenty of nail polish, lipstick, and glitter laden body art a girl could hope for.  They really do show her the best time when they are here....and I know Bob absolutely adores all the attention Harper gets but honestly the comfort food from Mom is his favorite.

As Moss gets older and older, she can still go on a run or two with Grammie.  Well, we have to request more short walks for her but as you can see, it gets her the exercise she needs.

Saturday, May 26, 2012



Harper was the "proud" recipient of beads, beads, and more beads from Mardis Gras. Bob had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans for Fat Tuesday and look what fun we had with that. He brought us a King Cake (sadly he and I finished an entire cake ourselves), pralines, and beignets. These are actually on half of the beads he brought and Harper played with them for days.

Goodbye Gardner Hello Montessori

Harper said goodbye to The Gardner School and all her friends and started The Montessori School of Franklin. We decided it was time for a change for all of us and we couldn't be happier about every bit of this decision. If you notice closely, we also had another big event at the same time. Harpi and Layla (our neighbor doggie friend) were having a discussion that didn't turn out so well. As I sit down to have a friendly glass of wine with Angela and Will on a Wednesday night, I hear a scuffle under the table. As I say with oddly overwhelming calmness..."oh, she's ok Angela" Angela quickly informs she is NOT. I take a look at Harper under the table and her mouth is pouring blood and her eyes have no tears. She was injured and I wasn't sure what was in store for her but this kid was so brave and entirely too calm. She is such a trooper and I was so proud of her. She made out with no stitches and no really would have never known she was bit by a dog. She still doesn't meet a dog that she doesn't command their friendship.


Happy Valentine's Day

You seriously would have thought it was a Mini Christmas around here on Valentine's Day. A lot of love traveled to our house this year. Packages start arriving from Kentucky and New York, Bob and Harper walk in with flowers, gifts, candy, and balloons, and I contributed more sweets than you knew what to do with and plenty of pasta:)

I made these little goodies for Harper and her friends as a Valentine's Party favor but more so for her goodbye party. Harper's last week at The Gardner School was the same week so I threw her a little party to wrap up an entire year of fun and friends.

Weekend with Nana for Harp

Harper loves going to Kentucky and I believe the picture tells it all!

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