Sunday, May 27, 2012

Grammie and Aunt Mo come to visit with Harper

Grammie and Aunt Mo love coming to see Harper Elle and positively relish in the art of helping her "prepare" to become a little darling girl.  They get to come down while I am out of town for work and it works quite well for her to get extra extra spoiled:)

Plenty of nail polish, lipstick, and glitter laden body art a girl could hope for.  They really do show her the best time when they are here....and I know Bob absolutely adores all the attention Harper gets but honestly the comfort food from Mom is his favorite.

As Moss gets older and older, she can still go on a run or two with Grammie.  Well, we have to request more short walks for her but as you can see, it gets her the exercise she needs.

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