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Harper was the "proud" recipient of beads, beads, and more beads from Mardis Gras. Bob had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans for Fat Tuesday and look what fun we had with that. He brought us a King Cake (sadly he and I finished an entire cake ourselves), pralines, and beignets. These are actually on half of the beads he brought and Harper played with them for days.

Goodbye Gardner Hello Montessori

Harper said goodbye to The Gardner School and all her friends and started The Montessori School of Franklin. We decided it was time for a change for all of us and we couldn't be happier about every bit of this decision. If you notice closely, we also had another big event at the same time. Harpi and Layla (our neighbor doggie friend) were having a discussion that didn't turn out so well. As I sit down to have a friendly glass of wine with Angela and Will on a Wednesday night, I hear a scuffle under the table. As I say with oddly overwhelming calmness..."oh, she's ok Angela" Angela quickly informs she is NOT. I take a look at Harper under the table and her mouth is pouring blood and her eyes have no tears. She was injured and I wasn't sure what was in store for her but this kid was so brave and entirely too calm. She is such a trooper and I was so proud of her. She made out with no stitches and no really would have never known she was bit by a dog. She still doesn't meet a dog that she doesn't command their friendship.


Happy Valentine's Day

You seriously would have thought it was a Mini Christmas around here on Valentine's Day. A lot of love traveled to our house this year. Packages start arriving from Kentucky and New York, Bob and Harper walk in with flowers, gifts, candy, and balloons, and I contributed more sweets than you knew what to do with and plenty of pasta:)

I made these little goodies for Harper and her friends as a Valentine's Party favor but more so for her goodbye party. Harper's last week at The Gardner School was the same week so I threw her a little party to wrap up an entire year of fun and friends.

Weekend with Nana for Harp

Harper loves going to Kentucky and I believe the picture tells it all!

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  1. I love the picture of her in front of the old truck, so darn sweet, her shoes are so funny in the picture of her pink skirt, they look just like her, all dressed up!


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