Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dog Days, Apple Fest, and Ham Days

Dog Days hands down is one of the best days of Fall in Nashville. It is a special event just for dogs and we have tried to take Moss almost every Fall. This year was the best so far because we got to see it through the eyes of a child, it really makes it a different experience.
We see so so many different dogs and anything you would want to buy for them. Most importantly, it is all to support Nashville Humane Society. Although Bob and I are huge dogs lovers, I think Harper Elle may get the blue ribbon in our family. She wanted to KISS each and every dog she saw. Because she and Moss are the best of buds, she gives her kisses all the time....well she doesn't understand that all dogs don't want her sloppy wet kisses. MOST of them do but you never know! So we let her run, and eat, and play as hard as she could.
The shaved ice was a huge hit with Harper but most of all with Bob! A great start to Fall and an amazing day with the fam...
Apple Fest is my hometown festival that is always the last weekend of September. Over the years I have taken friends and family but the festival still stays the same. Lots of colorful people, plenty of knick knacks that you really don't need or want but seem to buy them anyway, blasts from the past good and bad, and of course horrible food that looks so good when you order it and afterward you wish so bad you ate the nuts and pretzels in your purse! This year I decided to join my Mom and Sister to work their own booth to help them sell all sorts of stuff. Along with the planning, I got inspired to sell something myself! Little ones t-shirts. I made about 30 shirts and sold 2!!!! Yeah, needless to say, Harper has an entire collection of shirts to enjoy over the next 3 years:) :(

Ham Days is festival in Spring Hill TN and we wouldn't miss a chance for a country ham biscuit and fried pies! Yeah, I'm thinking Fall is definitely not good for my waistline, but great for the family. Well, we did have our ham biscuit and fried pie and I did NOT regret this meal. It was delicious and today I'm wishing we would have gotten one or two to go!
We had a blast with Harper and soaked in the sun. Days like this I wish they would never end.... Until next weekend and our next festival. To be cont.....


  1. Love the blog entry & the photos!! Looks like good times!!

  2. It was so fun! don't you love the belly shot with daddy?!!


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