Monday, May 17, 2010

Fruits and Flowers, Anniversary #4

Bob and I were married on May 13, 2006 in Savannah Georgia. Hard to believe that it gone by so quickly. I would marry him again tomorrow. I loved my wedding, I love my husband, and it is amazing how having a child will bring you so much closer!

Fruits and flowers is the tradition for number 4 and both of us put our own spin on it. Bob gave me an awesome garden tote filled with all the essential gardening tools that are much needed. All the flowers I tend to in my garden will now have extra special attention with my new fancy gadgets:) I gave Bob a gorgeous shirt and tie that had small flowers in the print to remind him of me when he is out there working hard in his new endeavor.
Bob started a new job/career May 10th and would be out of town so we celebrated a week early. We went to Dinner at 55 South in downtown Franklin and sat outside to relax and people watch. It was a nice treat to get out and spend a little QT with the hubby while Grandma Cietek watched the babe.

On Thursday the 13th I got home from a long day of work, missing my hub, and Harper had achieved her first major bump on her head from a fall she had taken after trying to stand all on her own. To my surprise there was a huge bouquet of flowers on my front porch. That made all the ickiness float away. I'm an absolute sucker for flowers!

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