Sunday, June 13, 2010

Life as I know it is flying by.....

My little girl is growing faster than I ever imagined, work is piling up, my garden is so thirsty, and my dog wonders when the next time she is going to get an actual walk and not just around the block.
Harper Elle is on the move and it is full speed ahead. She loves to get into all the fun stuff she shouldn't! Her facial expressions are to die for. The blinking of the eyes are for "putting on" while eating or cutting up with whoever, the pout is coming out more and more but mainly after naps and hungry hungry time, and finally "KISSES" is for giving fabulous sloppy wet kisses to Mommy and Daddy.
Nana bought her this pool and she loves the water. Kicking and paddling the arms are a clear sign she is a water baby in the little and big girl pool. She's saying "Momma" and "Dadda", "All Done" after anything because she is so proud), and today Bob told me when she sees the cat at Nana's she says "at."
My favorite lately is whenever I pick her up, she holds onto the back of my arm and when I get really lucky she starts patting my back. She adores Moss and Moss adores her. They romp around together and I think Moss is so glad to have a sister that shares all her leftovers.....I admit it is so against my grain but it beats cleaning up the mess. This little one is my world and I find myself spending more time with her versus anything!


  1. Awesome photos Jess! I love love love the one of her crawling across the floor towards Moss!!

  2. Do you think I did ok? Trying to capture her and she is soooo fast!


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