Monday, April 11, 2011

Road Trip Birthday Party!

Harper and I went to Jake's 1st Birthday in Kentucky. Jake is the cutest little bugga of one college friend family, Whitney and Ryan Mardis. They celebrated at their home at the end of March with loads of kids, 18 to be exact, and delicious bites. I had a blast seeing all my girlfriends, which I feel like I never get to see enough. It so crazy with all the kids but so worth it. The kids really like to hang and get to know each other! It truly is the best stage of my life so far. I love seeing little clones of my friends running around.
William Barber, eating his birthday cupcake.
He is the oldest member of our kiddie crew, 5!
John Riley (Kaufman) loves Harper Elle.
Can you tell she loves him too?

Kate Mardis, Jake's big sister, and her cousin Cameron.

Sweet Jones Nodine.
The smallest and youngest member of our crew.

Harper found one of Kate's books laying around the house.
I suppose she is taking notes for what's to come:)

Jones and John Riley, both otherwise known as Jonesie!
That's right, same nickname, similar sweet blue eyes, and such good boys.
Harpie practicing as a big you think she needs to wait a little while?
As we all were sifting through pregnancy and baby hand-me-downs, Harper spotted the "Harsey" costume and demanded to try it on! It fits and away it went with us back to Tennessee.
We all laughed so hard and I think because she was so serious in this costume!
Actually, the smallest of the crew is in the picture. You just can't see her. Casey and Jennifer Kaufman are expecting their third baby and that will make lucky number 13 between all the 7 girlfriends from college! CAN'T believe our kids are this big and there are so many of them!

Bagels and Balloons for Breakfast. We had a great time at Whit and Ryan's and finally a picture of the birthday boy below.
Jake Mardis, 1 year old!
We had a blast! Thanks for having us Whit!
I love my girlfriends and feel like an Aunt to all their little munchkies.
They are my extended family, it's like having 6 additional sisters.
We are lucky to have each other but even more lucky to have all these healthy and happy kiddos.

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  1. I LOVE girl. It means so much to all of us that you and Harper made the trip. We thank you for going to all the trouble! Let's do it again soon.


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