Sunday, March 1, 2009

"I'm not feeling well weekend."/ November 21, 2008

Bob and I headed to Kentucky for my mom's 60th Surprise Weekend. On Friday my family and friends had my mom a surprise party with all her oldest and dearest friends. She couldn't believe it and we totally pulled it off! I couldn't believe how I was feeling either, I took one sip of celebratory wine and that would be the last. That began the weekend waves of nausea. My mom was so giddy she could barely contain herself and I know my Dad and Bob were secretly wondering, "is this it?" Once we got back to Nashville for the week, I could not wait to take a pregnancy test. Bob and I were at our gym working out and I said to him on the way home we should stop and pick up a test to confirm. He suggested we just wait until sufficient time had past. Ummm, of course I couldn't wait and the next day I confirmed it with 3 test! I wanted to make sure! So I shared the news with Bob and of course, he was thrilled! At this point, I was only 2 weeks along, so we had plenty of time to wait to tell anyone. Well, of course that didn't last long. The following weekend was Thanksgiving and we both told our parents with the guarantee that they wouldn't tell ANYONE! The next week, my entire family and small town community knew.... thanks Dad! What can I say, I guess they were really excited!
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