Sunday, March 29, 2009

20 Weeks Prego! March 21st 2009

The belly shot! So many requests and I finally got a decent shot! She is growing like crazy and finally you can see! Momma status: Feeling great, eating well, and regular exercise. I have started cooking and I am so excited for Spring! Farmers Market here I come! Weight gain: 7lbs

Baby status: She finally came alive. I felt her move for the first time March 18th and unfortunately I was out of town on business! I don't think Bob could feel it but it certainly would have been nice to share the experience with him! I guess that is how it goes huh, you are destined to miss major milestones! She has certainly been active ever since, each night around 8:30, I think she is practicing her gymnastics! She seems to move around a lot right before bed! It is so cool, and yes Bob finally got to feel it!

So now we have a healthy baby and we know it's a girl, what do you think is next?
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