Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bob's 34th Birthday/ November 2, 2008

Bob's big 34 this year was different that most years. We had a block party so to speak in our neighborhood. Our neighbors are so fun and after about a year, we have developed some great friendships! I made a few treats and called a few friends and we played cornhole at our new clubhouse! As you can see, we played cornholed inside! It was about 20 degrees outside but it worked just fine. My Dad and I tagged teamed this project, he made the boards and I made the bags. Bob was totally surprised but I think for many reasons. One, that we actually "made" the game for him but mainly because it is known that Bob and I are not the cornhole superstar that some of our friends are down here in the South. Although we have only had it since November, I feel we will move up in the ranks of cornhole very fast this spring and summer! Anyone want to go ahead and pose a challenge? Book your weekend now.

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