Monday, July 4, 2011

Tennessee Aquarium


It was a huge hit! As you will see by the gazillion photos in my post.

We drove down to Chattanooga on Saturday morning and spent the whole day at the Aquarium. It was so worth it, this place is amazing!

Stingray Bay
Two fingers in the tank only, of course Harper's whole arm went in and still didn't get to touch them. They are so slimy, it was a little squeemy. Knowing her, she would have liked it.

Harper, Daddy, and I have been anticipating seeing the penguins since we decided we would go! Pingins Pingins is what Harper has asked over and over.
Well, she fell in love with them and after seeing them in the beginning of the day, she continued to ask about them all day.
After touring the Ocean Journey, Nana picked up a stuffed Penguin for Harper.... quickly becoming a new favorite!
Pingy is his name.

Ocean Journey

Lunch and Ice Cream
We stopped for a midday bread for Lunch and Ice Cream. A local store that was up hill, over a few blocks, around the corner. It was so worth it. Up on Bluff View is one of the best little spots in Chattanooga. A gorgeous bridge, amazing views, and delicious ice cream.

Harper did not want to get off the bridge....
but Pingy was there to rescue the meltdown!

River Journey

We certainly enjoyed the entire day and will definitely be returning. We actually missed a few exhibits and the ultimate....the water pockets outside that kids can jump in and out of! How we avoided them we are not sure!

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  1. Really had a good time Jess,l the aquarium was beautiful, and had a great weekend, as always!


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