Friday, July 8, 2011

This sweet shot

Angela (my adorable sweet pseudo sister neighbor) had been out one morning to capture the "money" shot of Henry for his big debut in the Gerber Baby Photo Contest. On her way back, I caught her strolling in front of my house as I was putting my dry cleaning out on the porch. Of course Harper Elle had to run out and see Baby Henry and after a few minutes I had to scoop her up to head to school..
Now who would have thought that a brief moment of time would produce such an amazing memory!

Angela's eye is really amazing and I can't thank her enough for sending me this pic. I just can't wait to see pics of these two little tykes once Henry (10 months)is a bit older and mobile. Of course I shouldn't say that out loud around never should wish anytime away. And I don't, but she and I do talk about the future and how fun it is really going to get!


  1. Such a sweet picture!

  2. Awwww- sweet blog entry! We love our Cieteks!


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