Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Name "Game" and Potty Training Diva

The Name Game
I must tell you, it is absolutely adorable to hear your almost 2 year old say your name...
and you not even recognize it!
AND when she recognizes her own name in public and it was meant for a differnt Harper!

Harper has been quite sick over the last couple of days with a respiratory infection. On Sunday, fever set in and Monday sent us to the doctor. Afterward, seeing that Harper was in a good mood and she could not return to school until 24 hour fever free....we went to the mall to return a couple of items lingering in Mommy's car. I was without stroller and I vow to "never" go to the mall without wheels for the wee little legs. Well, as luck would have it, we had a borrowed wagon hanging out in our van and what better head start to see it it will fare well with Harp. It DID and she was totally psyched to cruise the mall.

As we were walking around and I'm on the phone with Daddy updating him on the doctor visit, I hear a voice getting louder and louder and I stopped in my tracks....
"Jess ka, Dess ka, Jess ka"

Really, it was hysterical. I said to "Bob", she is saying my name over and over.
AND, as I turn around to see her, she gives me this "Umm, I'm making a joke..right?" look.
And finished her thought with a slow corrected version of my (real) name, "Mommy."

Then, we were in a children's store and a lady says "Harper" to her daughter but loud enough for several people around her to hear. Clearly my Harper heard her and says,
I thought I was going to lose it right in the middle of Pottery Barn Kids. Not just for the fact she said that but the way she said it.
Imagine a 15 year old replying to you during the middle of his video game in his deep but young voice, quasi like that but obviously much sweeter and cuter.
I really don't know about her, she cracks me up!

It became a little game yesterday as she did it on the way home watching me in the mirror as she usually does. To see all those teeth grinning after a well planned mini joke of hers,

Potty Training

Let me just tell you, Harper is here to potty train and she is taking no prisoners.
(is that the right expression?)
She started this business about 2 weeks ago and last week completed almost an entire week of Pee and Poo in the potty daily!

I'm sure this isn't the most exciting news for most of you but I feel compelled to share due to the fact I by no means was in anyway "ready" for this. I was all set with being a tiny bit lazy for a little while longer. Oh! What was I thinking! Lazy is not on Harper's resume and how foolish of me to overlook her qualifications. As I assumed it was her strong will and strong sense of wanting to be independant...umm NO! It's all about the stickers!!!
Stickers!!! You mean, all the kids are going potty all day because it's a competition over STICKERS! ughh...fancy daycares and their fancy ways of getting kids to learn...
really.....don't the parents get a say when we feel like we have the energy to keep up with the standards "they" are setting;0)

Some of you may feel I am one of those Moms thats hoping her baby stays a baby forever. Well, May....be that is the case. It really doesn't matter though, Harper Elle is running this show.....I just work here:)

Until next milestone moments.........


  1. LOVE this blog entry! Harper is hilarious!! I've missed seeing you guys lately!

  2. I'm cracking up as I'm reading and totally picturing you guys in the mall...how funny!!

  3. Love your comments Jess. I still can't get over how precious Harper is. You and Bob have done a great job with her. I can tell how much you all have worked with her. I really want to get together more. Kate keeps asking about Harper!

    The picture Angela took of her feet is priceless. What a perfect "header" for the blog. Can't wait til Chicago!

  4. Sweet Harper... She is so funny.

  5. I can see Harper in the mall right now, when the lady called out Harper and she said what, this is so funny, she is very alert, all the time. The potty thing will go just fine, she did really well at our house this weekend!


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