Saturday, August 6, 2011

VACATION in Florida


This vacation was packed full of the essentials. Lots of sand, pool time, lazy naps, plenty of delicious bites, bike rides, porch swings, dancing to live music, water parks, shopping, wagon rides, watching the same movie over and over, lots of picture taking, meeting new friends, sun kissed skin, golf golf and more golf, broken toes, sand fights, hots days with ice cold treats, and a gigantic turtle to top it off.
We had loads of fun on vacation but I think Harper Elle had the most out of anyone. She discovered lots of new and fun things that week and I adored watching her.

For some reason, Harper loved our driveway full of rocks!
Pretending to be a Monkey!
Hanging from the trees...?



Hello! I have to get the best shot. Stand still Harp!

Sun Kissed and Bleached Hair!
Harper was so tired from the morning at the pool, I looked over at her sweet face after lunch and capture the most exhausted precious face I saw all week.

Harper made friends at the pool and at the beach. Can't imagine the years to come, I remember my first friend I met on vacation and we became pen pals for the longest time. Maybe Harper can SKYPE with her friends in the future!!

Ahhhh, The Donut Truck.
Almost exactly 2 clicks from our house, Harper and I ventured down EARLY one morning to get our favorite doughnuts. Umm, well mine I guess because she doesn't have a favorite considering she's never had one. Well, not one like these anyway. I picked blueberry, glazed, lemon filled, custard filled, chocolate name it and I got it. YES, I took some home to the others.

I loved the shots of Harper devouring hers! It's almost like she was telling me that she needed a moment to relish how good they were!

A few shots of where we were when we were not outside! Although it was beautiful all week, we got to relax in this amazing house.
192 Seacrest Blvd

Highly recommend it if you ever head down to Seacrest Beach!

Nana kept Harper and Bob and I ventured out to this amazing spot!
Ahhh, a night out to relax, it was such a treat!


Don't you love these water shoes Nana bought Harper! She loved them too because they are PINK! Her favorite color.
We went into Destin to this massive water park and probably walked more than we were in the water. Of course we had a blast and Harper and I snuck onto a bigger water slide and we LOVED it. It was so fast and we were completely dunked at the bottom. She didn't know what to think but wanted to do it again. Fearless.

Harper's Transportation


Harper really adored the sand and haning at the Beach.
We all would make sand castle and she would crush each one before you would have another built.

Hanging with Nana and a nice long nap.
She was such a good girl and loved being with the fam.
What more could you ask for?

Well, reading a good book with a cold beer would not be bad. I must say, there was no book for me but I did get a cold beer and it was delicious;0)

Yes, this is my Mom's broken toe. Bicycle accident!:)

I found this Gecko outside on our porch....he was sort of funky and cool. He let me get right in his grill....then he flared something red on his neck and I freaked out!

FINALLY, the gigantic Turtle! "TurtleMan"
We saw this beast of a float at a local market and as Bob was running in for something to drink, I of course spotted it and told him to check the price. $25?? No way, Get it!
Well, we barely got the thing in the back of a MiniVan!
Harper and I were cracking up at how big and funny this thing was.
AND then, we get home and the rain settles in!!! No pool for us! Ugghh, we had to wait until we got back home to hang out with Turtleman.

This was our last day and we made the most of it!
Harper indulging in Blood Orange was insanely good.
She quitely shoveled it in and drank the remaining sips by tilting her head back so far I thought she would topple over:)

I loved it, I miss it and can't wait to go back.
When we got home, Harper requested to go to the beach over and over.
I guess she is going to be a beach bum too!

3 Generations of Beach Bums!

This shot is pretty much indicative of my entire week. If I didn't have a camera in my hand, I was getting her food, wiping her bottom, keeping her hair out of her eyes, or applying massive amounts of sunscreen. Vacations are sure not as relaxing as they once were and undeniably more work than if you were at home, but what I will say is that they are more fulfilling with my daughter than I could ever ever imagine life to be!


  1. Jessie, you did a great job telling about our vacation, Harper did have the best time and next year will be better for her!

  2. Gosh Jess- what a GREAT blog entry! Amazing photos!! You're making me crave the beach!


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