Saturday, August 6, 2011

Girls take Chicago

So, this is the first attempt in 3 years for my girlfriends and I to go on a Girls Trip. We historically (we being 7 of us from College) have taken one or two trips a year. Beginning with Spring Breaks in College that led into a beach trip in the Summer and maybe a Gatlinburg getaway in the Fall. When we all started getting married, we had great excuses for Bachelorette parties coupled with great escapes. THEN, yes you know what I'm going to say, 13 kiddos's just not that easy anymore!

Not that we don't want to that is for sure, we just have A LOT going on! Well one thing is for sure, some things never change and that is exactly the way I would prefer it. As a matter of fact, some things just get better and better. My girlfriends are basically like my pseudo sisters that know me inside and out. With only 4 of us this trip, we definitely made the most of it and it left me wanting more.

We had to admit that in our motherly overworked slumbers, we have evolved and "maybe" matured quite a bit in our progressing age. Exercise has been incorporated into our vacationing? Who would have thought! We are ordering Dessert? Seriously, I have to admit, it was a real deal grown up trip! LOVED it!
Slimy Subways

The Signature Room at the top of THE JOHN HANCOCK

with John Daly's to sip on.....ahhh, now we are talking...

Shopped till we dropped on Michigan Avenue..literally. We had to hang in the park for awhile and it was insane people watching.

My best bud Brian Breagel (the one who has been very sick) introduced me to Chicago (his hometown) in 1994 and I haven't stopped loving it since then. In the Summer, it is so beautiful and the architecture here is breathtaking. I only hope I did it a little justice.
We were so sad we didn't get to see Breags this trip. We hope to make it back really soon to enjoy the city with him:)

HERE IT IS, TANDEM its finest:)

Yes, 2 by 2 we got on our bikes and drove along Lakeshore Drive. It was hysterical and I can't believe we made it out with NO scratches or scrapes. I seriously thought I was going to pee on myself from laughing so hard. Oh let's be honest, what woman doesn't after she has a baby!
Although I'm pretty sure I have a few fresh laugh lines to add to all my other wrinkles!
Kelly and I
April and Whitney

Don't forget to stretch;)


PLANKING with Marilyn

Isn't this statue of Marilyn Monroe insane?
For those of you who are totally confused by what I just said or what I am doing in these pictures....You Tube Planking! It's the new craze.

Glamours on Magnificent Mile

We basically were in exercise gear the majority of the weekend.
Not sure if we were anxious to do so much we gave up on "getting ready", or thought we may fall asleep if we returned to our room before Dinner time:)
At least we did workout and "use" our gear versus using as a means of leisure wear!

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  1. Jess, I think this is so wonderful, that you and your friends still make a time to get together by yourselves, no children, no husbands, I love your pictures and stories to go with it!


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