Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

You have to love the 4th.
Hot Temperatures, Delicious Food, and Fireworks!
We had a house full of people and we made out with only pictures of Miss Harper Elle and the cutest kids you've ever seen. Imagine that.

Mom (Nana) Dad (Poppie)
Tish Brent Emma
Angela Will Baby Henry
Ryan Jackie Will Ethan

See.. I told you! So many people with such great food and pics!

The food was amazing

John Dalys
BYOB Build Your Own Burgers
Potato Salad (4th generation from Tish's Great Grandmother)
Parsley Slaw (Angela is totally obligated to share the recipe)
Panzanella (my favorite that is a BBQ must have)
Strawberry Poppyseed Salad
Red's Potatoes (my Dad has made these ever since I can remember)
Grilled Vegetables

Apple and Peach Pie
and My second attempt at Homemade Ice Cream...
it did turn out ok but our freezer in the garage went out sometime during the party and the ice cream became ICE MILK we had Milkshakes with raspberry/strawberry glaze

Harper is totally into scaring people these days


Baby Henry is mobile!
(he is our sweet baby boy neighbor)

Will, Ethan, and Harper on the couch getting cozy after Dinner.

Harper and Ethan are 2 weeks apart. Inside the womb, they would hang out on Sundays at Hypnobabies Class. We all took this class to try and achieve natural childbirth. Jackie was successful after a few hours...Jessica tried her best but not in the cards after 24!:-)
Jackie and Ryan Harry are good friends of ours and we are thrilled that they have moved back to Nashville. Since we usually host something for July 4th, we reunited this year to continue our annual celebration. Fireworks and all!

Do I need to say anything?

Daddy put a great show on for Harper. I think it is his favorite holiday and looks like Harper may become a little pyromaniac herself.
We had a few sparklers at the house and then we walked down the street to let off the "mini kid" show. It was so cool to see Harper totally get into this.
Ethan and Will we not feeling them at all! Will shouts out to Bob, "We are done Bob," right after we started. It was hilarious and the poor little guy says after that, "I am just tired and cranky Mom."

I taught Harper to clap after fireworks if she really liked it. Each time her claps were a bit harder and longer.
Bright eyed after the show she says to me...
"Fickalers!, Harper loved the fickalers!"
(Sparklers/Fireworks I'm could you not know Harper language right!)

I told Harper to tell me where the H is......

This sweetie nevers misses.... I think it was the first letter she learned.

Big Girl Bath

Harper's first big girl bath. I was cleaning up in the kitchen when Bob called out, " Jess, bring your camea."

I walked into the bathroom and saw this adorable face surrounded in bubbles!!!

It was really a wonderful weekend and I feel so lucky to have such great friends and family but most of all to have such an amazing daughter!


  1. Awwww! Love the pics- especially of Harper in her bubble bath! Thanks for having us over on Sunday! We love hanging out with you guys :)

  2. Jessie, Dad and I had the best time while visiting you guys, pictures are great, love the bubble bath!


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