Sunday, June 19, 2011

We visit Uncle B

My long long long term friend (like 17 Years) and Harper's Godfather Brian, has been quite sick since October 2010! We had her Baptism in August and by October he was very ill. He has had a really horrible battle with his health and I have tried to be by his side as much as I can. I occasionally take Harper to see him and the first couple times were a little rough. I think she didn't understand the whole hospital thing and was a bit terrified. But this day, we had a nice day in the park and we didn't have to be cramped up in an icky old hospital room!

Unfortunately our weekly visits will be coming to an end fairly soon. Brian has decided it is in his best interest to go to Chicago to his parents for awhile. At least he will be in the comfort of home and can recieve some TLC from his family.

Stuck in the Middle with You!

This has always been our favorite song and now we have another in the middle with us.

Clearly they have snacking in common.

They bond!

And of course, Brian's best side shows through. His humor cannot compare to most....he has ALWAYS made me laugh and thoughout this time he has still managed to keep my spirits up! He says he is going to write a book and I can't wait. I do think it would be a hit, I just have to make sure any parts that include me will have to be edited by my eyes first;0)


  1. Well you know this one had me in tears! I'm so glad you & Harper had such a good day with Uncle B. So sad to see him going. Tollgate just isn't the same without his Sunday visits.

  2. Oh, and GREAT photos by the way. You captured the day perfectly! Love the one of Brian smiling & waving with Harper in the foreground!

  3. Thanks girl, ughh so depressed about it. The shots will keep good memories.

  4. Jessie, I am sitting here bawling reading all of this about Breags!, going to miss him also, but probably not as much as you!


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