Saturday, June 11, 2011

May Highlights

Keeping a blog is sometimes a love hate relationship for me. I probably think of at least 7 post per week and it is a month later until I get it to the page. Seeing my life change on a daily basis makes me want to record every moment but having an almost 2 year old causes you to have to lock it in memory and give up this crazy expectation of journaling every move. Due to the fact I don't have any fancy advertisers and probably a handful a people as hectic as I am reading stress for me.
Here are a few highlights and clips from May!

When Mommy's away, Grandma and Aunt Mo will play.....with Harp! I had to go to Chicago and they flew in from New York for the week to spoil our little doll. They LOVE playing with Harper and she loves them. They cooked and shopped and cooked and shopped! I had so much food when I came home, I didn't know where to start. I am soo soo spoiled. Thanks again and again for coming down!


Mother's Day flowers.....I had the most special time with Harper on Mother's Day. We sat in her playroom and played restaurant. I have been waiting and waiting to do this with her, although a short remedial attempt...I loved every moment:)


We discovered a few new things and totally indulged in all the things we love about Savannah. For those of you who didn't know, we got married here 5 years ago, May 13, 2006!
The drink featured above is the John Daly. It is an Arnold Palmer (1/2 Sweet Tea 1/2 Lemonade) kicked up with Sweet Tea Vodka....yes darlin.....everythang in the South comes with Sweet Tea(you know, Paula Deen accent style).
So this was our first stop and what a view of the river. We sat out on the upstairs patio and just kicked with a few of was much needed.

After a few John Daly's, we went exploring on the huge old ship!!! It was absolutely breathtaking!


My breakfast with Iced coffee

If I ever own a store, this is what I want it to look like

Bob and I adore PediCabs. In fact, when we are in Savannah or Charleston, we refuse to take normal cabs if we are not walking. Our sweet Pedi Cab driver took our pictures! Love this city...

the other great thing about pedicabs

The McNeil Metts Mansion, where we celebrated our reception!
Forsythe Park, where we married 5 years ago!


We celebrated a beautiful weekend with Kelly, Cashen and Madeline! We had a picnic, Cashen played cornhole, Madeline put on lipstick and way to much sunscreen, and Harper kept eating and eating and eating! We had a blast and are definitely ready for Summer!

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  1. Such great pictures and writing with them,you always know what to say in such a unique form with your wording!


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