Saturday, May 14, 2011

Franklin Festival

The Franklin Festival is held the last weekend of April every year and it is chocked full of food, arts and crafts, singing, drinking, and usually hot weather for some reason. This year was our first year to make it over to the "carni" side of the festival for the kids! Lots of bouncy towers and slides, pony rides, pet zoos (so sad and disgusting), and plenty of sweet treats to munch on.
These chips were served by the Red Pony's food cart and they are called Junk Chips! Homemade chips with a blue cheese cream, hot sauce, bacon, and green onions! Oh Dear (one of my new sensored sayings and yes Harper repeats it everytime) were they delicious. Bob doesn't like blue cheese (which I forgot;) so that meant Harper and I would have to indulge. WE DID!
I tried to help Harp see her shadow but she didn't think much about it.

Chips make us thirsty....AHHHHH (one of her favorite ways to polish off a big SIP)
All girl!

Can you see us coming down the slide? She loved this slide and I did until 3 kids slammed into my very old person back with their grubby feet at the end of the slide. Ughh, I guess I am not as quick as I used to be or do they not have jumpy thingy sliding etiquette? I believe the later.
Daddy was firing away trying to get a few good shots of Harp bouncing around. She clearly loves this thing but as you can see she is always shy at first. She sort of checks out her surroundings and then commits to a plan!

We met up with our buddy's Jackie and Ryan Harry. Their little one Will is 4 and Ethan is 2 weeks older than Harper. They had a blast.
Well, she was having a blast until we had to leave!
And like clock work, she passes out blissfully on the way home!

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  1. Sweet so sweet, until you had to leave!


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